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Lucifer - Season 5B Review - One Hell/Heaven of a Season

SPOILERS ABOUND BELOW. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN ALL OF THE EPISODES THAT ENCOMPASS SEASON 5B. This article was written and prepared by Aimee Hicks and CJ Allan. The opening and close of the article were written by Aimee Hicks. 

Lucifer Season 5B Review

Lucifer came back with a mighty war cry as it charged into the final episodes of Season 5. This show has never been one to pull punches, but they really came into this batch of episodes ready to blow the minds of viewers. All of the characters found themselves in precarious positions and at least one didn’t survive to see the end of the season. The writers put each character through some intense circumstances that ultimately facilitated some of the best character evolution this series has seen. Given all the occurred, we decided the best way to approach looking back on Season 5b would be to discuss some of our favorite moments.

Please continue reading below to see what we felt stood out the most. After reading, please leave your own thoughts in the comments.

God was finally given time to spend time with his children. What were some of your favorite moments between God and his family?

Aimee: I really had no idea what to expect from the God on Earth arc, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m now convinced that anytime a show needs to cast the living embodiment of God they need to call Dennis Haysbert. He possesses a calm yet omnipresent energy that is exactly what was needed for the character of God. He brought that beautiful energy of his to every encounter God had with each member of the cast. I loved every moment that God had with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), but I think the one moment that really stood out for me was when he was holding Charlie and humoring Linda (Rachael Harris) poking him. It was just a really sweet grandfather moment with his grandson. For a moment he wasn’t God, but a grandfather adoringly admiring his perfect little grandson and there was just something so pure and innocent about it. Sure, the family dinner was powerful acting, and everything that Lucifer and God did together on their equivalent of a “bring your dad to work” day was fun, but that moment just really stood out for me. Outside of the family encounters, I really enjoyed the time he spent with Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) where she and God both learned from one another. Leave it up to Trixie to help God. Then there was his talk with Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) about her trying to get a soul which led to some great character moments for her. I found it very striking how Haysbert had God convey to Maze that she was growing a soul without really telling her. He just let her process the possibility and walked away with that sly smile of his. The way Haysbert delivers the lines makes everything that rests between said lines become tangible. It became easy to see why Lucifer had become so frustrated with his father over the millennium, but it is also clear that God really did just want what was best for his children and humans alike, even if he struggled at times to know what was actually best. I had hoped from the start of the series that they would one day bring the living embodiment of God into the story and I wasn’t disappointed. Every single part of this God arc was perfection and Dennis Haysbert’s performance in each episode was stunning.

CJ: I have to say straight out that Dennis Haysbert was everything you could have ever hoped for in the role of God. We have been led to believe that he is a demanding, cruel and tough character when he was nothing like what characters had made him out to be. He said so little but the impact of every word changed each person. My highlight has to be the brain freeze when he is mortal and just having fun with the role.

Several characters made return appearances during these episodes. Who were you most excited to see return? What did you most enjoy about their return?

Aimee: I was most excited for Eve’s return. Inbar Lavi was brilliant as Eve back in Season 4 and I was hoping they would bring her back. She and Lesley-Ann Brandt have such a unique and beautiful chemistry together onscreen that I was hoping the writers would get a chance to really explore the Eve and Maze dynamic more. While she was only in two episodes the writers made those two episodes count giving her a really nice arc to play. I loved that the writers showed how she had evolved since we last saw her while still not losing the essence of the character. Lavi brilliantly showcases Eve’s innocence while tapping into the natural wisdom that only someone like Eve could fully grasp. Even after being shot, Eve was willing to risk losing the woman she loves simply on the principle of the gift that mortality is. Not only did we get to see Eve’s evolving relationship with Maze move to the next stage, but we also got to see how fierce of a fighter Eve is when it comes to protecting the people she cares about. Her return was a highlight for me in these episodes.

CJ: I was disappointed Azrael (Charlyne Yi) did not get more screen time, however, I understand why due to the impact of the character in the finale. Mr. SOB (Jeremiah Birkett) was a welcome surprise and also a nice conclusion to his story throughout Lucifer. Lucifer is one of those shows where they always seem to get the best guest stars. I would love to see more of Gabriel (Kimia Behpoornia) aka the Angel of Gossip going forward.

There were so many big unexpected twists in these episodes. Which twists surprised you the most?

Aimee: There were so many, but I’ll just list my Top 3 (in no particular order). 1) God retiring. I did not expect that to happen. It was an inspired twist and I love that even at the end of his reign he was still allowing his master plan to play itself out. He went out the same mysterious being we’ve always known him to be and that seemed fitting. 2) Lucifer becoming God. That had to be the biggest surprise twist of the whole series and what a profound twist it was. That opens up a whole new realm of possibility for the final season. 3) Dan (Kevin Alejandro) dying. Given all he had survived I really thought Detective Douche would still be standing at the end of this whole wild adventure. Dan ends up in Hell, however, tells me that we haven’t seen the end of him yet. I suspect we’ll see some effort in the final season to get him a place in Heaven.

CJ: I have been predicting Dan's death for a long time, but I always thought it would be a heroic or some sort of self-sacrificing act, so to have him die from just simple gunshots did shock me. I think every twist in the finale was well executed and added to the enjoyment of what could have been a series finale!

What was your favorite scene? What made it a standout moment for you?

Aimee: So many amazing scenes. This entire batch of episodes was just one favorite scene after another. If I had to pick one I would have to go with the obvious which was the end of the season finale as Lucifer becomes God and everyone, with the exception of Chloe, bows down to him. I loved that of all the powerful beings present in that moment only Chloe was deemed worthy enough to be on Lucifer’s level in the moment he became God. I also loved seeing how proud Amenadiel, Maze, and Eve were of Lucifer. It was a character and series-defining moment that was executed flawlessly in what was one of the best season finales this series has ever had.

CJ: I enjoyed every scene with Dennis Haysbert, especially the ones with Aimee Garcia’s Ella. For such an important character he has managed to convey so much in the scenes that he had with such ease and made me laugh so many times. Other than those scenes I think the whole finale was just the perfect build-up and closure for the Lucifer/Chloe relationship story. It will be interesting to see the next stage for them in Season 6.

What were some of your favorite lines? Why did you enjoy them?

Aimee: “Oh my Me.” - Lucifer (5x16 - A Chance At A Happy Ending). This was just such a Lucifer thing to say that I couldn’t help but laugh when he said it in his sarcastic way that shows he didn’t fully think through what he was getting himself into. He seemed as shocked as the audience was at this twist.

“Till the years are showing on your face, and my strongest years are gone.” - Maze to Eve (5x16 - A Chance At A Happy Ending). Coming from a being that has spent her entire time on Earth struggling to make connections, the fact she made this vow to Eve showed just how far she has come over the seasons. It was a beautiful line and the emotion that Lesley-Ann Brandt delivered it with just made it hit that much harder.

“I wanted to tell you…but I didn’t know if you’d want me. I thought I should let you come to me.” - Linda to Adriana (5x13 - A Little Harmless Stalking). For all the wisdom that Linda has handed out over the seasons, it was nice to see her so vulnerable. Even in this vulnerable moment her pure heart and kind soul were on display. I am so glad that the show allowed Linda to go on this journey and that Adriana was so open to wanting her birth mom back in her life and so accepting of her newfound brother.

“I love you, son, and I am very proud of the man you’ve become.” - God to Lucifer (5x14 - Nothing Lasts Forever). With those words, God healed so much pain in Lucifer’s heart and set him down the path that would ultimately lead to him becoming God.

CJ: There is one line that made me laugh so loud and is possibly my favourite line and episode ender of all 5 seasons and it is simply “Because you f—king shot me Dan.” The delivery and the build-up to that line (aka the whole episode) was genius and will be hard to top moving into season 6.

The entire cast brought their A-Game and delivered some top-notch performances. Which performances do you think were the best and make the performers worthy of Performer of the Month recognition?

Aimee: The entire cast delivered stunning noteworthy performances throughout the entire season. They are all deserving of recognition, from the heartbreaking performance Tom Ellis and Lauren German delivered in the season finale as they both had to confront thinking the other was dead to their ultimate reunion and love confessions. There was everything Rachael Harris did with the beautiful Adriana arc. Can’t leave out Scarlett Estevez for the heartbreaking performance she delivered after Trixie was told her dad was gone. D.B. Woodside as he had to guide Amenadiel through confronting his emotions at losing his friend, Dan. Aimee Garcia and that beautiful performance she delivered in the wake of Dan’s death. But one performer stood out to me the most in these episodes, Lesley-Ann Brandt. For five seasons now she has had to navigate Maze through the trials and tribulations that came from not having a soul. Turns out this entire time she has been nurturing a fledgling soul. Each human that came into Maze’s life has helped to cultivate her soul, but no human has had a bigger impact on Maze’s soul than Brandt herself. Every brilliant acting choice Brandt has made brought us all to this point at the emergence of Maze’s soul and all of her hard work made this triumph moment feel all that more meaningful.

The performances she delivered in the wake of Dan’s death broke my heart. The emotions she portrayed were raw and it was clear through her performance that Brandt herself felt those emotions. Emotion like that just can’t be faked. The hardest part was seeing her have to act opposite of Scarlett Estevez in those hospital scenes. That was hard to watch because of how powerful those performances were. Some of my other favorite performances she delivered were opposite Inbar Lavi. Eve brings out a side of Maze that very few people can and Brandt does a terrific job showing the effect that Eve has on Maze. The scene after Eve got shot at the warehouse was the first time we have seen and heard real raw fear come from Maze. Even when the image was darkened out Brandt was driving that scene just with the emotions she was able to convey through her voice. On the flip of a switch, she took Maze from proud of Eve to worried then terrified when she realized that Eve was shot. Stunning work by Brandt. My other favorite performance came when Maze set up the date with Eve at LUX to win her back. Brandt brought Maze into that encounter with her usual bravado, but by the time she vows to be with Eve regardless of her mortality, there was a clear shift that showcased Maze’s fledgling soul as real raw heart came into play. Brandt softened her tone and delivered that vow in such a perfect way that it was obvious that the universe itself would have to implode to keep them apart. They even charged into a literal war of angels side-by-side in the wake of that vow. This was a strong batch of episodes for Brandt who was handed a beautiful arc to guide Maze to realizing she did indeed have a soul and it was beautiful to see her portray this storyline.

CJ: So many great performances, everyone really stepped it up for the final part of Season 5. Both Tom and Lauren were exceptional in the finale. Dennis stole every scene he was in as God. But my overall best performance and possible for all 5 seasons is Scarlett Estevez for her acting in the hospital waiting room after Dan dies. Many experienced performers would have struggled to hit the mark like she did in that scene and she is going to be such a big talent moving forward in her career! Such a heartbreaking and moving performance.

What are your final thoughts about these episodes that concluded Season 5? What are you hoping to see happen in the final season?

Aimee: These episodes were perfection. I honestly would not change a single thing about any of them. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the first batch of Season 5 episodes, but in hindsight, I see now that they were the perfect setup for the way they planned for the season to end. These episodes covered so much ground and changed so much for all of the characters. Lucifer is God. Chloe has been to Heaven and declared her love for Lucifer. Maze has a soul and now has the woman she loves by her side. Amenadiel chose family, fatherhood, and brotherhood overpower and that was a huge character moment. Linda got her daughter back and proved for the millionth time that the group would be totally lost without her guidance and that she’d be lost without them. Trixie confronted the terrible loss of her father.

As for what I hope for Season 6 as the series concludes. I look forward to seeing Lucifer grow into his role as God with his friends and family supporting him. I hope that he and Chloe get the happily ever after they deserve. I would like to see Maze also get her happy ending with Eve. They are a perfectly matched pair who balances each other and they belong together. Maze has fought so hard for a soul and I look forward to her living up to the vows she made Eve. Though, I am curious how Maze will handle things if Lucifer does make her Queen of Hell, especially since Eve is human and in theory wouldn’t be able to go with her. I also hope that the show gives Eve more than two episodes next season to wind up her overall arc. I’d like to see them fight to get Dan into Heaven. The season finale proved that someone can evolve out of Hell into Heaven, so they need to help Dan with that. Also, it is way past time for Ella and Trixie to finally be let in on the big secret. The series can’t end with them still in the dark about the people they are surrounded by. I want to see Amenadiel’s journey to becoming an officer. I also hope that they allow Linda to spend more time not just with her son, but her daughter as well. She has spent so much time helping everyone else, she deserves some happy time herself. Basically, I hope to see all of these characters get the happy ending they deserve, except Michael, he still needs to earn the right to a happy ending. These are the things I want, and the show may not deliver on them all, but I trust this team to deliver a fitting and deserved ending to this miraculous show that has repeatedly beaten the odds in order to get the chance to tell this story to its rightful conclusion.

CJ: I can’t believe I’ve got through this whole review and not mentioned the cheesy/cringey musical that is brilliant in all the right ways, I can’t wait to see what musical numbers we will see in Season 6. After a slow start to Season 5, the second half certainly went full throttle to give, what could have been a potential ending for the show, a fitting conclusion. I can’t wait to see Season 6 which is described as a love letter to the show.

This last year and a half has been hard for us all and the world needed the special brand of heart and humor that only this show can deliver. The cast and writers made us laugh, and cry, and scream at our screens, but most importantly they entertained us and brought some lightness to these complex times we inhabit. From SpoilerTV to every person involved with this show, we thank you for all of your hard work during difficult circumstances.

Performer of the Month voting starts tomorrow, June 1st, so please be sure to take a few minutes and send some support the way of this cast if you deem them some of your favorite performers from May.

Lucifer Season 5B Review Podcast
CJ has put together an amazing podcast to discuss this season, so please take some time out of your day to watch or listen to it below.

RIP Detective Dan Espinoza Season 1 – Season 5

Is this really how it’s going to end for Dan? Yes. At least for now.

Dan was the most human of all the characters. He was the one who made the biggest mistakes, was handed the worst consequences, and kept pushing through, constantly trying to be better. For all Lucifer struggled with, it may have been Dan who truly battled the hardest with his underlying darkness.

Dan’s death wasn’t unexpected, but his fate in the afterlife wasn’t the one we had hoped for him. The choices he made, the deeds carried out, ultimately held too much weight for even him to shoulder. He may have been forgiven, but he never forgave himself.

Daniel Espinoza, your journey held the most mistakes, but you walked your path with only the best intentions, and with courage and hope in your heart. Kevin Alejandro played a character we all could have easily hated with an underlying softness, with light peeking through the inky darkness. We wanted the best for Dan, because of his mistakes, because of his flaws.

His eventual end was foreshadowed at least twice in 5b. God literally exploded him in Resting Devil Face (5x11), and again it was hinted at with the cumulative effect of everything he’d been through up until then breaking him mentally, and putting him back together, albeit still damaged, in Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid (5x12). He fell apart twice. He was put back together twice. The third time that season wasn’t always going to be so lucky for him.

While most of the end felt right for this character’s journey, one dangling thread needs a big, bright, sparkly bow. That, if Dan truly is in Hell, he makes peace with his life, faces his guilt, and finds his door in Season 6 - because one day Trixie will reach Heaven, and her dad should be there too. – Dan eulogy written by Bex W.

Please use the comments to discuss all your favorite parts of the end of Season 5 of Netflix’s Lucifer.

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