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Legacies - You Can't Run From Who You Are - Review

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This week on Legacies, MG and Lizzie go into Finch’s memory to find out about her first kill and find out she was tricked into it as a child. Josie confronts her darker self. Hope and Landon astral project into the prison world but Hope gets attacked and nearly turns into a monster. Josie reclaims her magic. Kaleb, Cleo, and Alaric find old things that then get destroyed. Kaleb tries to be more honest. Wade thinks something is off about Landon and tells Hope. 

Could’ve gone a bit deeper: I like that Josie finally confronted her dark side, but I wish they had delved a bit deeper. When we saw the flash of Josie killing Alyssa I thought they were finally going to address that. What it felt like for Josie to kill someone. Alyssa had already been resurrected by the time Dark!Josie disappeared so they sort of just glossed over it at the end of season 2. And then everyone acted like Alyssa was being unreasonable for her being angry, but we never saw Josie deal with her side of things. And now that she’s reclaimed her magic, I doubt we’ll ever get there. I guess that’s sort of one of my main issues with the show. Whenever something dark happens, the show kind of just ignores the mental repercussions of it. I get that the show wants to be lighter than the previous two shows but it needs to start dealing with things. 
Tell me more: When Kaleb dropped that hint about how he turned, my interest was piqued. They better show us what happened. I want a Kaleb-centric episode, not next season, but this season. His character has been reduced to comedic relief and a love interest this season and I’m sick of it. I want to see him get better storylines. 

That’s just sick: So, Finch’s grandfather forced Finch to trigger her werewolf curse when she was only a child? That’s insane. And that part didn’t even register with Finch. All she saw was her killing him. He tricked her into it. Then told her not to trust anyone, meaning she’s been carrying the werewolf curse alone for all of these years. How does a child even deal with all of that? If her grandfather thought it was such a git, why didn’t he have a pack that could take care of her? We’ve seen both Mason and Tyler be terrified during their first turns. And they were a lot older than Finch. I guess this does explain how she managed to turn so quickly in the previous episode. It’s supposed to be faster every time. She must’ve turned over a 100 times by then. 

Poking holes in my theory: My original theory about Landon was that his human and Phoenix side were split into 2 bodies. And that the Landon with Hope was the human version. But that seems less and less likely. What does become more likely each week, and I hope that this theory is wrong, is that it’s actually Malivore pretending to be Landon. This would be so wrong on so many levels. As I said, I hope this is wrong because if it is, you might as well check Hope into an institution now. It would mean that she’s been making out, sleeping next to, confiding in a monster. And if the show then proceeds to gloss over all of the heavy implications of that, I may just be done with it. Every week I hope that they will address Hope’s recent behavior, all the grief and guilt over losing her parents that I doubt she handled well between The Originals and Legacies (since she pretty much isolated herself at school), throwing herself so completely into her relationship to the point where she again isolates herself, becomes overprotective to almost the point of paranoia… At least in season 1, she had a way of letting it out. Sure, screaming may not have been the best way, but now it just feels like she’s bottling it all up. 
Best quotes: Kaleb: “Where’s Lizzie with the zinger when you need her?” 
Hope: “Great, if Kaleb’s game is the answer to our problems, then we’re doomed.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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