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Law and Order OC - Episode 1.06 - I Got This Rat - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_193994_3319.th.jpg NUP_193994_2959.th.jpg NUP_193994_1974.th.jpg NUP_193994_1689.th.jpg NUP_193994_3538.th.jpg NUP_193994_3457.th.jpg NUP_193994_1232.th.jpg NUP_193994_0707.th.jpg NUP_193994_1068.th.jpg NUP_193941_0969.th.jpg NUP_193941_0651.th.jpg NUP_193941_0641.th.jpg NUP_193941_0552.th.jpg NUP_193941_0359.th.jpg NUP_193966_0164.th.jpg NUP_193966_0124.th.jpg NUP_193941_0859.th.jpg NUP_193941_0924.th.jpg NUP_193966_0046.th.jpg
Press Release
As Wheatley finalizes plans with a new client, Richie takes a big step in joining the family business.

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” is starring Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler, Dylan McDermott as Richard Wheatley, Ainsley Seiger as Jet Slootmaekers, Tamara Taylor as Angela Wheatley, and Danielle MonĂ© Truitt as Sgt. Ayanna Bell

Guest starring Mariska Hargitay and Demore Barnes.