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Fear The Walking Dead - Episode 6.12 - In Dreams - Promo, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
FTWD_612_RG_1207_0116_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1207_0067_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1207_0015_RT.th.jpg FTWD_611_RG_1104_0107_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1207_0377_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1207_0255_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1207_0223_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1211_0075_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1209_0140_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1207_0396_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1218_0243_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1211_0125_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1216_0463_RT.th.jpg FTWD_612_RG_1216_0374_RT.th.jpg
Press Release
"In Dreams"

Grace wakes up having lost her memories of what has become of her friends in her absence, and she struggles to recall the events that ensued.

Sneak Peek


Thanks to Rob for the heads up