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The Rookie - Episode 3.13 - Triple Duty - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
159119_1062-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0970-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0944-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0846-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0761-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0921-400x0.th.jpg 159119_0722-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0614-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0637-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0607-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0429-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0425-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0166-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0263-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0324-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0154-400x0.th.jpg 159119_0056-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0047-900x0.th.jpg 159119_0027-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0576-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0513-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0481-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0501-400x0.th.jpg 159118_0457-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0448-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0423-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0418-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0412-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0402-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0337-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0305-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0286-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0279-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0257-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0242-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0211-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0195-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0184-400x0.th.jpg 159118_0145-400x0.th.jpg 159118_0107-900x0.th.jpg 159119_1188-900x0.th.jpg 159118_0001-900x0.th.jpg 159119_1273-900x0.th.jpg 159119_1216-900x0.th.jpg
Press Release
“Triple Duty” – Officers Nolan and Bradford hope they can de-escalate a drug war before any innocent lives are lost. Meanwhile, Officer Harper hopes she can get Officer Chen ready to go undercover on “The Rookie,” SUNDAY, MAY 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.

Guest starring is Dylan Conrique as Tamara Colins, Toks Olagundoye as Professor Fiona Ryan, Camille Guat as Sandra “La Fiera” De La Cruz.

“Triple Duty” was written by Natalie Callaghan, Zoe Cheng and Paula Puryear, and directed by Bill Johnson.