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The Flash - Growing Pains - Reviews

This week's episode of The Flash showed The Speed Force trying to force her way into Barry's life and Frost fighting to clear her name. Let's discuss!

The Speed Force and Barry

Though Iris' intentions were noble, Barry was just not feeling The Speed Force as a house guest. Speed Force/ Nora was behaving more like a clingy mom than the powerful cosmic force that feeds Barry his abilities. She wants to be near Barry at all times, helping him to be ready for an imminent attack by the other forces.

He is wary of her and tries to keep her at arms length, but she invites herself to his job and that's where things really take a turn. By juicing his powers when he least expects it, she makes him destroy data that he believes could have helped him exonerate Frost. He loses his temper and she speeds off.

I am happy that they didn't have Barry playing the little boy anymore. He has accepted his mom's death (as much as anyone could) and can very well separate The Speed Force from his real mother, Nora. This is evident in his reluctance to fall right under her spell. He also has every reason to be cautious. Just about every season, they let someone into their lives who is not who they seem. Barry as the leader of Team Flash has to be the one who takes the stand about welcoming folks into the fold- new Speed Force gets no passes.

What he did neglect to factor into the equation is that the newly created Speed Force is as much an extension of his deep love for Iris, his future children and his mom as it is just an all powerful entity.  Without that love, it could not be reborn. As Iris points out, The Speed Force has changed and his relationship to it has to change as well. Barry seems to understand and accept this explanation, but it'd be nice if their relationship builds slowly and The Speed Force works to earn his trust; this will really show us that he heard Iris, but he has also grown as a team leader.


Frost was framed for the murder of the IVO labs driver. That much is true, but it was a little cringe to see everyone taking up for her as if she didn't do some pretty despicable things in the not so distant past. I won't list all of her crimes here, but let's just say she doesn't deserve to be strutting around and demanding that folks work to clear her "good" name.

When she finally comes to that conclusion, it was nice. She knows deep down that good deeds done don't erase the really terrible ones. They may add to a list of reasons for leniency, but not total pardon.

I gotta say, I was liking Frost having some feelings for Chillbaine. No matter how corny he was, it was nice to see her growing into a real person who has attractions and is interested in things outside of Team Flash and Caitlin. If she sticks around in some capacity, giving her a real life instead of always pining for one would be a great leap forward.

To be honest, Caitlin's arrest may not have been completely by the book, but she is a perfect match for Frost. Any self-respecting detective would be looking in her direction too. I get Joe's anger- he's being cut out of the investigation. But, Kramer knows he's close to Caitlin so she didn't want his feelings getting in the way of her arrest. Let's all be real, he would have tried all he could to make sure that didn't go down if he had wind of it. In the end, he does his job because he knows the science they all love and worship points to Caitlin too.

Other Things I was Thinking

*The growing pains weren't just for The Speed Force and Barry. They were for Frost too. 

* When Nelly's "Hot in Herre" came on, I almost spit out my drink!

*When Frost and Chillbaine get out of Iron Heights, they should hook up.

*How did Chillbaine blind Frost with ice???? That she couldn't remove???

*It was weird to see so many people who are law abiding and who work in law enforcement be so casual about helping someone evade the law. Not one person was the voice of reason. Frost ends up being the one who turns herself in. 

*The police work wasn't all above board, but Frost is guilty of several crimes and many committed against Team Flash. I get that she's their girl now, but they have to see that she has to take responsibility for her actions at some point. They can argue that she is reformed, but that doesn't change the fact that she did those awful things and that she should have to deal with the consequences. I'm glad that we may finally be getting there.

*I'd love it if Frost decided to just be a baddy because being good gets you nothing! She's still a hothead so it's not a leap.

What did you think of "Growing Pains"? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @NaomiAnna_. You can catch The Flash on Tuesday nights on the CW. As always, thanks for reading!

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