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Riverdale - Destroyer & The Pincushion Man - Review

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The first part of season 5 is coming to an end, Riverdale will be on hiatus until July. Did the ninth and tenth episodes manage to close properly the storylines? Let's summarize what happened in "Destroyer" and "The Pincushion Man".

In the former, Archie and Veronica can't catch a break with the Bulldogs. The team is not motivated to keep going and they lose many games. Betty receives terrible news from Glen: the blood that was found on the phone booth matches with Polly's. She is once in the middle of a tragedy but decides to lie to her mom. 
Jug has a potential hint in his hands, he discovers that one of his students had encounters with the Moth men, but when he tries to reach out to him, he has already left town with his family. Then, he visits Old Man Dreyfus with Betty. He is sure that Polly also had a meeting with them.
The episode ends with a series of twists that undo what the characters did throughout the episode. Glen visits Alice and reveals to her the truth, the Bulldogs score a victory for the first time.

"The Pincushion Man" is a really weird fall finale. Apparently, Betty can not meet normal people in her life.  She discovers that Glen is writing a dissertation (!) about the Coopers. Alice and Betty even find out that probably Juniper and Dagwood are also victims of the mystical darkness that lies at the core of the family's DNA. 

Hiram is ready to buy the Blossom Maple Groves from Cheryl, but she has no intention to sell. 
Archie receives news from the military: he could possibly be sent on a dirty mission. We all see this coming: Jug and Tabitha share a tender moment at Pop's and Jug makes up his mind: he will take mushrooms to help him write his novel. There is no limit to Riverdale's craziness. The episode includes even a "sweet "marriage: serial killers Charles and Chic return to visit Alice to get married to her. They want Juniper to stab Glen, but Betty does so before stabbing Chic and causing Charles to get shot. What an evening at the Coopers! Veronica has problems with her divorce,  Reggie sets fire to the maple groves and Tabitha returns to Jug's place and finds bloody handprints on a copy of his novel.  

All in all, I really don't find any more logic or story coherence in Riverdale. Everything happens so randomly, characters come and go and get killed by the main protagonists (did we really need Chic and Charles killed by Betty? Seriously?). This season feels even more confused and unclear than the previous one.

And you? What did you think of "Destroyer" and "The Pincushion Man"?

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