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Rebel - Superhero - Review

Surprise! Cassidy is slowly but surely starting to regret that she accepted the job her father offered her. Everyone warned her, including myself who screamed at the television, but it was all in vain. She was so eager to get away from her mother she made this rash decision and is now stuck at another firm where she is unable to spread her wings . It is worse than that actually. Her father uses her in order to get himself an advantage in the Stonemore case.

Rebel: "You are as blind as I was when it comes to your father. I would blame myself if I hadn’t be warning you your whole life."

Cassidy: "My father didn‘t lure me. I‘m not a fish! I‘m a grown woman and I make my own choices!"

Rebel: "If that‘s true those are piss-poor choices, Cassidy!"

With Cassidy working with Benji on the Stonemore case there is a conflict of interest as she used to work for Cruz who is representing the plaintiffs. The judge orders both parties to sign an agreement in which the plaintiffs and the defendant acknowledge that Cassidy has history with Cruz. Benji is hoping that this way the plaintiffs will drop Cruz as their attorney and hire another lawyer. After Rebel reveals that Cruz’ wife died because of that very same faulty heart valve the hearing is all about, Helen and her group, decide they want to stick with him as their lawyer. He gets it. He understands the pain and can use it to his advantage in their fight for justice. And that’s exactly what he does in the next hearing. Cruz crushes Benji with his powerful words and impresses the judge. This is only one fight won though, there are still plenty of hearings to go.

While all of this is happening Rebel is struggling to find the time to safe her marriage. She is late for their marriage counseling appointment and Grady is pissed. Rightfully so. She constantly prioritizes her work over him. However, Grady knew from the very beginning that this is what life with Rebel would be like. He used to love her passion for her work. She did not become a different person in the last few years. But somehow Grady suddenly expects her to be a housewife. He once again brings up the fact that she never cooks for him. Maybe you should have married a chef, Grady. Like most people on TV whose lives are falling apart, Grady decides to hit the next bar to drink away his sorrows. When a random woman hits on him he decides to remove his wedding ring, making the choice that said women flirting with him did not need to know that he has a wife. I hope for him this woman knows how to cook.

Unlike Grady Rebel is at least doing something worthwhile while her marriage is falling apart. Helen and her group of activists are not the only ones who need her assistance. A young woman discovered high lead levels in the water of their apartment complex and has been getting harassed by the building owner ever since she demanded the issue to be fixed. With Rebels encouragement the tenants of the apartment complex decide to camp on the huge front lawn of the building owner’s mansion. He threatens to call the police but he ultimately knows he has broken quite a few laws himself. Angrily he agrees to fix the situation and to provide his tenants with clean, unpoisend water. One would think that’s the least a landlord could do. While those scenes were entertaining, I would have prefered it if they covered the happenings around the Stonemore case in more depth instead of adding yet another storyline.

Toward the end of the episode, Cassidy realizes once again how severe the consequences of her choice to work for her father really are. Amir, who is her boyfriend and an attorney at Cruz’ firm, decides he cannot be with her any longer. She went from fighting for the people to fighting for rich cooperations. Worst of all though, she screwed over Curz in court and this Amir cannot accept. Cruz used to be her mentor. Amir announces that he cannot be with her any longer as he has lost all his respect for her. Those are very harsh words but maybe those are the words she needed to hear to recognize the many missteps she took lately.

The episode ends on a rather dramatic note. Rebel and Cruz talk. She admits that she does not feel as good as she usually does when she has a successful day. Grady hates her, she does not see how her marriage can still be saved at this point. In return Curz tells her about the night his wife died, about how he does not know how to deal with the fact that she probably killed herself. Out of the blue Cruz contorts his face in pain, grabs his heart and falls over. Heart attack? Severe panic attack?  We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out as there sadly won’t be airing a new episode this week.

How did you like the episode? What's your opinon on the show in general? Let us know in the comments below!


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