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Quote of the Week - Week of April 4th

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Chicago PD - 

1. Hailey Upton: "Sometimes when you love somebody you have to tell the truth, even when it feels like you're betraying something."
2. Hailey Upton: "You came." Jay Halstead: "You asked me to."
3. Hailey: "Look, I don't know how to do this, but I want to. I want to so badly. I wanna be with you, I wanna learn to do this. I want to be better." Jay: "Then we'll figure it out. 'Cause I wanna be with you too. And I'm not going anywhere, Hailey. Really, I'm not." Hailey: "Jay, I do. I love you so much." (Jessica C)

The Equalizer - 

1. Maya, a rape victim: “How do I go back to my life?” Mel: “What happened doesn’t define you, Maya. It’s just one page in a very, very long book and you get to write your next chapter.”
2. Harry: “It’s always nice when a dirtbag gets buried alive, isn’t it?” Mel: “Wish that happened to my dude.” Robyn: “Where’d he end up?” Mel: “Who knows and who cares? Look at my life. I was done with that years ago.” (Mel walks away.) Harry: “He’s living in a studio apartment in Pahrump, NV. I screw with his credit every once and awhile and the poor guy keeps having his identity stolen. Nobody messes with my lady.” Robyn: “That’s right Harry.”
3. Elijah: “It’s been a good 20 years for you, Sinead.” Sinead Keller: “I know and people will judge me for that. It might even mean the end of my campaign. They’ll say I knew, that I enabled your abuse because it didn’t stop with me, did it? 23 women, 23 NDAs. You didn’t empower these women; you violated them and you silenced them. How do you think your mother would feel about that? [to the reporter] Don’t get too excited. The women’s names have been redacted but the amounts of payment haven’t been. The truth is I didn’t know about these victims but I know about them now and if any you choose to speak out, I will stand with you. I will fight for you. I will believe you.” (Dahne)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - 

1. Sam: "She's just a kid." Zemo: "You're seeing something in her that isn't there. You're clouded by it. She's a supremacist. The very concept of a Super Soldier will always trouble people. It's that warped aspiration that led to Nazis, to Ultron, to the Avengers." Sam: "Hey! Those are our friends you are talking about." Bucky: "The Avengers, not the Nazis."
2. Sam: "I'm not your enemy. I agree with your fight. I just can't get with the way you're fighting it."
3. Sam: "Hey, John, take it easy. You might wanna fight Bucky before you tangle with the Dora Milaje." Walker: "The Dora Milaje don't have jurisdiction here." Ayo: "The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be." (Folie-lex)

Magnum PI - 

1. Magnum: "[Mice] are the smartest animal next to man." Higgins: "No, they're not." Magnum: "Name one animal that's smarter." Higgins: "Chimps. Dolphins. Horses. Pigs?" Magnum: "Those are the obvious ones. Name something else."
2. Magnum: [baby cries] "You happy? You woke him up." Katsumoto: "He's hungry." Magnum: "How do you know?" Katsumoto: "Because I'm a father."
3. Magnum [referring to a baby]: "Ever thought about having one of these?" Higgins: "No, not really. Well, I mean... yeah, Richard and I would talk about it, but we wanted to be married for a few years first. I know Ethan wants a couple. How about you?" Magnum: "Yeah, I thought about it quite a bit when I was, uh... being held captive. Coming home, having a couple mini-me's. I think it helped to have something to look forward to, you know? Something to keep me going." Higgins: "Well, for what it's worth, I think you'd be really good at it." Magnum: "I don't think you'd be so bad yourself." (Folie-lex)

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers - 

1. Alex: "Did you see that!?" Nick: "Oh my gosh! That was crazy!" Alex: "Nothing but net!" Nick: "Pretty sure that's basketball!"
2. Gordon: "I spent my entire life chasing hockey, and I have absolutely nothing to show for it."
3. Alex: "I'm not where I thought I would be either. Things got real complicated along the way. This isn't what I pictured, but I keep going. I keep trying harder for me and for Evan, and... just because all that happened to you doesn't mean you should sit here hiding from the world, feeling bad. You've got so much out there if you want it. You have us... if you want it." (Folie-lex)

Queen of the South - 

1. Teresa: "There was a time when I was always running from my life. Being chased. Barely surviving. Now I'm the one who does the hunting. You think you're safe because you're on the top of the world and you're no longer the prey. Then one day, you realize there's a bigger, badder wolf lurking around the corner. And you will have to ask yourself, will you go back to running? Being chased? Barely surviving? I know my answer. What's yours?"
2. George: "I know things are complicated between you and James, but it's real simple between you and me. I've only loved two women in my life: my mama, and you. You're like the sister I never had, so I am always gonna be looking out for you." Teresa: "We've mistrusted James before. We were wrong."
3. Boaz [re Kique's death]: "I was angry for a long time. Then one day, I woke up at peace." Lafayette: "Peace? Not really my nature." Boaz: "I never said it lasted." Lafayette: "What took its place?" Boaz: "Revenge." Lafayette: "Now that's something I can drink to." (Folie-lex)

Rebel - 

1. Rebel: "I bring the CEOs of multinational operations to their knees. And not in a sexy, good-time way."
2. Ziggie: "I know that you think mom is a bitch but I think that she's a righteous bitch.“
3. Cruz: "Annie, you genuinely care about right and wrong and I find that fascinating, much in the way I find a Cevu Flowerpecker fascinating." Rebel: "A what?" Cruz: "You are a rare bird. People who care like you care are like an endangered species, and I admire you but I prefer to admire you from afar, through binoculars, on an expedition once a year." (Julia Krassnik)
4. Nate [to Rebel]: “What started off sounding like an apology’s starting to sound an awful lot like a guilt trip.”
5. Rebel: “Helen, everything in history that ever got done, got done because someone like you got pissed off. Now go make some noise.”
6. Rebel: “Alright Ziggy Stardust, Mama’s gotta go get arrested. Now you know who to call?” Ziggy: “Of course, I know who to call.” Rebel: “You’re taking a tone with me but last time you said you knew who to call, you didn’t call anyone. I ended up spending a whole day in jail in Fresno.” (Dahne)

The Rookie - 

1. Lopez: "Boot! Where's our gear?" Jackson: "Wait... what?" Lopez: "We started this journey together. I think we should end it that way. Don't you?" Jackson: "Yeah." Lopez: "Then lets go."
2. Nolan: "Homeowner set off the alarm accidentally." Harper: "Hundred bucks." Nolan: "Just put it on my tab. So, you two getting along? Huh? My two teachers." Harper: "Yeah." Prof. Ryan: "We're bonding by making fun of you." Nolan: "Oh! Outstanding! Let me get in on that. Have you noticed how much I've been saying ''like'' lately?"
3. Lucy: "What's this?" Tim: "It's a copy of your final evaluation. I wrote it before our shift today." Lucy: "Like Plain Clothes Day." Tim: "Only this time I didn't have to re-write it." Lucy [reading]: "Officer Chen impressed me with every decision she made today. I will miss riding with her." Tim: "You don't let anyone ever tell you you can't do something. Not even me." Lucy: "Yes sir." (Folie-lex)

What Else We're Watching

Call Your Mother - 1.03

1. Jackie: "You went back with Freddie." Jean: "What?" Jackie: "You went back to the exam room with Freddie and not me. You visited Freddie during quarantine and not me. It's always Freddie and not me." Jean: "Jackie, I'm running out of ways to tell you that's not true." Jackie: "You literally flew to LA when you hadn't heard from him for like a minute." Jean: "It was four days. And I would've come to LA if I hadn't heard from you." Jackie: "Yeah, but you'll never not hear from me, because I show up. And then when I need you you're with Freddie." Jean: "Well, how would I know you need me? You never tell me anything. You never ask for my help." Jackie: "The bottom line is, I take care of you, you take care of Freddie and nobody takes care of me." (Folie-lex)

Kenan - 1.02

1. Kenan: "Back to plan A. I'm just gonna swallow all these feelings of anger and confusion and fear and with a little luck, hopefully it won't manifest into heart disease." (Folie-lex)

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