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Queen of the South - Me Llevo Manhattan - Advance Preview

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With a new episode this week let us do a quick rundown of the S5 premiere and what’s ahead in the next episode.

5.01 – Overview

By the end of the season premiere we find James back in the fold (even if temporarily), Marcel on the run, Boaz needing to be put on a time out and the alliance with the Russians being on shaky ground at best. Where do things go from there? Well...

5.02 – Me Llevo Manhattan

The judge continues to be out for blood, but Teresa seems to be done with appeasing him. Instead she sets in motion a plan to get him under her thumb once and for all, and hopes this also gains her enough leverage to clear up Marcel’s name in the process.
For her part Oksana seemingly tries to make amends, but Teresa is also done playing the Russians’ game and bets on the Dominicans instead, which leads to mixed results. However let us never forget that Teresa has learned the hard way when and how to employ the leverage of having the highest quality product, the strength of her word and her diplomatic skills to prevent things from escalating, and knowing to do so to her benefit.
Eslewhere Boaz being unable to assert himself within the cartel makes a bold show of power within the Jimenez family, pushing him to drastic actions that could put his standing with Teresa in jeopardy.

On the romance front, James and Teresa finally get quite a few well needed alone moments to catch up and clear the air, and also Kelly Anne has some news for Pote.

For the full fold out of the events tune in for a brand new episode of Queen of the South, tomorrow on the USA Network!

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