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New Amsterdam - Episode 3.10 - Radical - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_193361_1653.th.jpg NUP_193361_1438.th.jpg NUP_193361_1423.th.jpg NUP_193361_1245.th.jpg NUP_193361_0483.th.jpg NUP_193361_0983.th.jpg NUP_193361_1049.th.jpg NUP_193361_0739.th.jpg NUP_193361_1611.th.jpg NUP_193361_1554.th.jpg NUP_193361_1479.th.jpg NUP_193361_1351.th.jpg NUP_193361_1180.th.jpg NUP_193361_0542.th.jpg NUP_193363_0127.th.jpg NUP_193363_0182.th.jpg NUP_193363_0062.th.jpg NUP_193361_0115.th.jpg NUP_193361_0591.th.jpg NUP_193361_0855.th.jpg NUP_193361_1226.th.jpg

Press Release
“Radical” (10:00-11:00 PM.)

Max reckons with New Amsterdam’s past. Bloom and Reynolds treat a patient in an unconventional relationship. Sharpe decides to take a stricter approach to parenting her frustrated teenage niece. Iggy tries to connect with a patient desperate to have gastric bypass surgery.