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New Amsterdam - Episode 3.09 - Disconnected - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_193203_1760.th.jpg NUP_193203_1630.th.jpg NUP_193203_1018.th.jpg NUP_193203_0979.th.jpg NUP_193203_0905.th.jpg NUP_193203_0856.th.jpg NUP_193203_1449.th.jpg NUP_193203_1321.th.jpg NUP_193203_1040.th.jpg NUP_193203_1735.th.jpg NUP_193203_1508.th.jpg NUP_193203_1327.th.jpg NUP_193203_1297.th.jpg NUP_193203_2164.th.jpg NUP_193203_1840.th.jpg NUP_193203_2112.th.jpg NUP_193203_2085.th.jpg NUP_193203_1959.th.jpg NUP_193203_1877.th.jpg NUP_193203_0831.th.jpg NUP_193203_0786.th.jpg NUP_193203_0616.th.jpg NUP_193203_1208.th.jpg NUP_193203_1069.th.jpg NUP_193203_1270.th.jpg NUP_193203_0357.th.jpg NUP_193203_0272.th.jpg NUP_193203_1076.th.jpg NUP_193203_1107.th.jpg

Press Release


04/27/2021 (10:01PM - 11:00PM) (Tuesday) : Max is on a mission to deliver free broadband access. Reynolds treats a young girl with a gunshot wound. Sharpe gives difficult news to a long-time patient. Iggy is immensely proud of his patient’s success but worries that he may be getting too close.