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New Amsterdam - Episode 3.08 - Catch - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_193112_3469.th.jpg NUP_193112_3347.th.jpg NUP_193112_3230.th.jpg NUP_193112_3046.th.jpg NUP_193112_1236.th.jpg NUP_193112_2464.th.jpg NUP_193112_2360.th.jpg NUP_193112_2099.th.jpg NUP_193112_0874.th.jpg NUP_193112_2960.th.jpg NUP_193112_2841.th.jpg NUP_193112_2664.th.jpg NUP_193112_2533.th.jpg NUP_193112_3575.th.jpg NUP_193112_2899.th.jpg NUP_193112_2708.th.jpg NUP_193112_0236.th.jpg NUP_193112_3807.th.jpg NUP_193112_3712.th.jpg NUP_193112_3638.th.jpg NUP_193112_1371.th.jpg NUP_193112_1332.th.jpg NUP_193112_1304.th.jpg NUP_193112_0130.th.jpg NUP_193112_1824.th.jpg NUP_193112_1757.th.jpg NUP_193112_2781.th.jpg NUP_193112_2706.th.jpg

Press Release


04/20/2021 (10:01PM - 11:00PM) (Tuesday) : Max is forced to examine the inequities in child labor for women of color. Bloom must deal with an overcrowded ED. Sharpe helps Dr. Agnes Kao (Christine Chang) with a gut-wrenching diagnosis. Reynolds finds himself experiencing something new on the job.