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Legacies - Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight - Review

This week on Legacies, Hope and Lizzie are forced to work together and reconcile when a monster shows up that is feeding on their anger towards each other. Alaric thinks it’s easy to be a gym teacher and pretends to be one at Mystic Falls High while he spies on Josie and MG, who is now also a student there. MG saves Ethan with his vampire speed. Alaric tells him to erase Ethan’s memory but MG decides not to because the two have become friends (yay). Josie is apparently living with Damon and Elena. 

Favorite friendship: Oh my god, MG made a new friend. I actually love the dynamic between MG and Ethan. I was even yelling at the tv “Don’t do it” when MG went in to compel him. And I like that this is how they’re bringing Ethan into the supernatural world even though I still think it’s a bit fast. I doubt MG will tell him much else. It’ll be interesting when Ethan learns how he broke his arm. But I’m so happy for MG. He’s been through so much crap lately, he deserves this. 
Best dynamic: Right now, I feel like the relationship between Hope and Lizzie is the best dynamic on the show. That said, I was fully on team Lizzie here. I’m glad Hope finally apologized, though I still don’t think Hopefully grasped the depth of what she did. You know, it’s weird. In the last two seasons, Hope was always closer to Josie. The friendship with Lizzie had been steadily growing, but the friendship with Josie seemed to always be slightly ahead. Then this season Hope has barely interacted with Hope (what’s up with that) and now Hope and Lizzie have grown closer than ever. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not a huge Hizzie shipper (more moderately). My favorite love interests for Hope have both left the show but I certainly wouldn’t be against anything romantic happening there. Though I still think it would be better for Hope if she could find happiness single first. 

My theory is falling apart: Speaking of which, you know it’s a weird day when I actually agree with Landon. But he was absolutely right when he said that he shouldn’t be Hope’s everything. All of her happiness shouldn’t be focused on one person. But this does mess with my theory a bit. Because I was convinced that this wasn’t truly Landon, but Malivore in disguise (or something). But if it is, then he’s extremely good, too good, at copying Landon. Then I thought, maybe human Landon and Phoenix Landon got split somehow. Hear me out, I always thought it was weird that Landon’s Phoenix side just vanished. What if Hope is currently with human Landon and the weird guy in the mask is Phoenix Landon, who has no memory of Hope (because all of the romantic stuff is tied to his human side). Or am I just making this too complicated? 

Calling it: A few weeks ago we had a Sphinx predicting Alaric’s death, next week we have a Banshee, which is basically announcing someone’s going to die. My money is 100% on Alaric. His character has literally just been floating around for weeks with nothing to do. I mean, he left his students AGAIN, to play gym teacher in a different school so he could spy on his daughter? Just kill him off already. It would have a major impact on pretty much every character. Danielle did say that the show was going to take a turn (been waiting for that for weeks now). It could mean that the school closes and everyone moves over to Mystic Falls High, which would actually make Josie and MG already being there make sense. It would mean major character development for Hope (might shock her out of her Landon-focused funk), Josie, and Lizzie. Apparently, Jenny would very much like to see heretic Lizzie. A darker turn for her character might bring that about. Do it! 
Nice throwback: Damn, Damon rebuilt Elena’s house. I’m impressed. Especially since they had that whole talk about how being human meant living on a budget and that had to be expensive. It makes sense for Josie to live with them. Damon is Caroline’s brother-in-law. Elena is Caroline’s best friend. Plus they already have a kid (or two, I can’t remember) so they know how the parenting thing works (not that Elena didn’t already have experience practically raising teenage Jeremy). It’s just really weird that we’re not going to see them while she’s living there. This means we’ll also see nothing of Josie living there. Which is kind of a gap. 

Crazy hunch: So this is not the first time that Belgium has been referenced. Considering my country is usually forgotten, does this mean something? Please give us Penelope back! 

Best quotes: Lizzie: “You know what, Hope. At least when I’m a bitch, I own it.” 
Lizzie: “How is it so big? We’ve been kumbaya since Landon’s speech.” Cleo: “It is my fault. I may have used some colorful language as it dragged me here.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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