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Grey's Anatomy - Breathe - Review: "Healing"

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Episode 10 of Grey's current season hit good and hit hard. Two fan favorites returned for a walk on the Beach while the show handled multiple stories in real life. The episode was written by Marc Driscoll and directed by Linda Klein. 

While I am partially tired of the Beach, reuniting with Lexie and Marc felt so good. Just the energy Chlyer excuded over the screen made my heart warm up. First and foremost major kudos to Chyler Leigh for pulling this off via green screen from Vancouver. It did feel a bit clunky at times but it worked surprisingly well. The smiles fit well, the glares were still as captivating and not just from Chyler's Lexie but also from Mer and Mark, Ellen and Marc did a great job. 

Meredith's story about Bailey's birthday really made me tear up. So much is getting lost with Covid and children feel it in so many ways. The writers coming up with it and showing how much Covid impacts the world was really beautiful. And the whole time I was thinking what an amazing Aunt Lexie would've been. Those kids are really missing out. As someone who thinks the Mer-Lexie relationship never reached its full potential, this episode handled their interaction pretty well. It wasn't too much but close enough to their reality. Marc and Lexie reminding Mer that there is always something worth living for was really well executed. Mer is someone who often pushed the pain away but the pain just as much as happiness forms us and makes us appreciate the happiness that much more. Mer might be tired of trying but she has so many stuff in her life which are worth trying for again and again. 

The show is doing a very good job of making me like Hayes. They are creating a complex and likable character, yes at times he is a pushover but he is human. The show doesn't try to make him some idyllic perfect love interest. Christina picked him for Mer and she picked well. The interaction between Hayes and his kids' Aunt felt so sincere. Hayes pulling all the strings for her just felt so right, it's what you do for family. 

On the other hand, the Aunty case gave Catherine and Jo some time to impress each other. Catherine was a badass as usual as she delivered an Autotransplatation on the Aunt after the urether accidentally broke. It was a divine move and Jo was definitely impressed. Jo going for an urology fellowship would be an interesting path for her and considering her interaction with Catherine I am all here for it. 

Over the last 17 years, Grey's traumatized me enough that I was already preparing myself to say goodbye to one of the Diaz family members. Working as a physician and making the tough choices of who gets a Vent and who doesn't must be terrifying. Luckily as a physician myself, I never was in this situation and I hope it stays like that. As I've prepared myself for a heartbreaking goodbye, Maggie luckily came up with the solution. It was quite brilliant of her to come up with this. It not only provided a solution for this mother-daughter duo but also for any other patient coming if the hospital comes ever in need of Vents. The show giving Schmidt's education some focus is long overdue. Jake Borelli was really good during this episode. Hopefully, we get more of this down the line. 

In one of the most random situations in recent Grey's history, besides the baby boom, Winston proposed to Maggie. Yes they are cute, their chemistry is on point and they are meant for each other but even thinking of them being engaged is just ridiculous. The scene itself was great but it is way too soon. Wondering if we'll get another messy season finale wedding?

Other tidbits: 
- Richard's scenes during this episode were just really emotional. The ups and downs he experienced were just so captivating. Them dancing it out was a great homage to Mer herself and the celebration of life.
- Christina bullying Owen was just priceless. I know Sandra is probably done with Grey's but I am here for more of this. 
- The Maggie-Teddy scenes were a surprisingly positive development. I am definitely in for more of them together. 
- The hug between the Ortiz interns was really emotional. 

That is a wrap, guys. What are your thoughts on the episode? With Meredith off the Vent it seems like she is close to surviving Covid. Till next time. . . 

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