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City On A Hill - Episode 2.06 - Don't Go Sayin Last Words - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
1033334_2_3474834_03_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_02_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_11_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_10_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_09_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_08_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_04_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_05_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_06_800x600.th.jpg 1033334_2_3474834_07_800x600.th.jpg
Press Release
"Don't Go Sayin Last Words"

Kelvin struggles to lead the Braxton Boys; sidelined from the investigation, Decourcy disconnects with Siobhan; when Cathys arrangement with Isaac fails, she reluctantly visits old friends for help; Jenny unearths the truth about her new friend.