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Big Sky - Episode 1.13 - White Lion - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
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Press Release
“White Lion” – Cassie and Jenny hear that a body has been discovered on the Kleinsasser ranch and, fearing the worst, Jenny takes the investigation up a notch, but the Kleinsassers have a plan of their own. Meanwhile, Cassie teams up with Lindor to follow a hot lead on Ronald, who, suspicious that his whereabouts have been revealed, decides to do some damage control—or perhaps just damage, on “Big Sky,” TUESDAY, APRIL 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.

Guest starring is Omar Metwally as Mark Lindor, Michael Raymond-James as Blake Kleinsasser, Ryan Dorsey as Rand Kleinsasser, Britt Robertson as Cheyenne Kleinsasser, Kyle Schmid as John Wayne Kleinsasser and Michelle Forbes as Margaret Kleinsasser.

“White Lion” was written by Elwood Reid and Morenike Balogun, and directed by Christina Voros.