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Animal Kingdom - Season 6 - Jasper Polish, Darren Mann + 2 More To Recur

Jasper Polish (Force of Nature), Darren Mann (Fortunate Son), Kevin Csolak (Boardwalk Empire) and Stevie Lynn Jones (Nancy Drew) will join the Animal Kingdom cast in recurring roles for the TNT drama’s sixth and final season.

Polish will play Julia who is beautiful, intelligent, and edgy. Although she’s an excellent student, she’s also the type of chick who sells tabs of LSD because she thinks it’s cool. She’s torn between loving and hating her mother, Smurf.

Mann will play Baz, a charismatic opportunist who will do whatever is necessary to ensure his own safety. He’s not above pitting the other kids against each other in his effort to ingratiate himself with Smurf, who sees him more as a partner (both personally and professionally) than as her adopted son.

Csolak takes on Andrew. A young Shawn Hatosy, Andrew is intense and struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness. He possesses a simmering rage but also instinctively searches for redemption as he struggles with his darkest impulses. He is completely devoted to Smurf, to his best friend Baz and his twin sister Julia.

Jones plays Penny, an intelligent, beautiful young woman in her early 20s. A rule breaker in her youth, she’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow. She’s stuck in a loveless marriage to a Marine. She and J become close, dangerously close.