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The Flash - Mother - Reviews

Episode 3 (Season 6 finale) of The Flash was a decent ending to what had been a pretty boring second half of the show. We finally got WestAllen back together, and we ended up with a new, maybe not so new Harrison Wells. Let's break it down!


It's been so long since we've seen Barry and Iris in each other's arms! Well, we finally got a reunion of our Speed Force connected soul mates. Was it the reunion I dreamed of? No, but it did solidify what all WestAllen fans have known for years. Barry's oneness with the Speed Force is directly tied to his oneness with Iris. The clues have been presented to us since the beginning of the show: the literal spark between them when one is in need of the other, the way they are madly in love no matter what universe they're planted on, the fact that they would die to keep the other safe, their child was a speedster whose own lightening force was represented by the colors Barry and Iris represent etc.. You get the picture, right?

With no Speed Force and no hope, Barry wasn't sure how to be the hero everyone needed. After a pep talk from Wells ( Run, Barry, run still annoys me) Barry knew just where to find the missing piece to his speed puzzle- his wife. Talking to Iris and reminding her how much he needed her was enough to ignite the spark between them and Barry's brilliance. He realized that Iris was his only real way of getting his speed back because of the cosmic force that lives inside of her. Iris' Speed Force connection was always apparent through Barry's deep love for her, but her turn as a speedster and being the mother of a speedster brought that bond full circle. 

Iris powering the Artificial Speed Force through her connection and Nora's was such an awesome touch. And I can't lie, as much as Nora annoyed me in Season 5, seeing her in Barry's flashbacks and knowing she was there to help her father was pretty touching. I loved seeing Wally too!

Harrison Wells

He said and did all the right things. He looks the part of course, but something is off about Mr. Wells. I might be wrong, but I don't trust this new Harrison Wells. He can time jump! He knows everything the other Wells' know, and he just looks sneaky. The way he took off his glasses during the powering of the Artificial Speed Force made me think of how evil Eobard Thawne would get out of that wheelchair every time he thought no one was looking. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't have a great feeling ya'll.

Team Flash

What are they doing with Allegra? Throwing her arms around Harrison Wells and practically begging him to stay. Why are they going from zero to a million with her? 

Chester is nerdy and a little funny, but still unnecessary. I don't dislike him though.

Frost/Caitlin. What can I say that I haven't said before?

Joe and Cecile- We finally remember Jenna, huh? 

Cisco is my boy so nothing to see here this week. It was nice to see him suited up though.

Mirror Master/Eva/Mother

She was never a compelling villain because her motivations were scattershot. One minute it's to get revenge on her husband, then it's to make mirror children, then it's to make more mirror children to replace humans, then it's to help everyone. I couldn't keep up. Then in the end, all she needed to hear was that she wasn't evil and instead of sending her to Argus, she gets to go home. Nice.

Other Things I Was Thinking

*The Flash has gotten a lil' thickness to him. Hey now GG!

*I say this every week, but I hate Cecile's powers. I think it's because of the way she talks about them. No one references their powers as much as she does. "I'm an empath" "My powers are telling me...." UGH!

*WestAllen had an amazing reunion hug! Don't you just love soul mates?

*Where did all that Speed Force go when it shot out of the lab??? 

*Harrison Wells is up to something! And that just might be the thing that keeps me watching!

*"I might be the Paragon of Love, but that's only because you're my heart". Awww!

*Why did Iris have gloves on when she went outside to confront Eva?

*Iris with powers. A concept I'd like to see continue.

*Speaking of powers, is Barry still gonna have some speed thinking?

*That Ralph storyline had to be buttoned up, but it was so cringe.

*Looking forward to the true Season 7 premiere.

That's my take on "Mother". What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @NaomiAnna. As always, thanks for reading!

You can check out The Flash on Tuesday nights on the CW.

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