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The Flash - Central City Strong - Reviews

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This week's epidsode of The Flash was pretty weak on villainy, but packed a punch with emotions and relationship building. Barry and Iris grappled with the effects of Mirror Iris on their lives, and we also got to see some other members of Team Flash shine without trying so hard. Let's discuss!

This week we got to see what it was really like for Iris as she struggled to come to terms with just how difficut her time in the Mirrorverse was. Always the strong one, she tried to soldier on even though she was clearly suffering from some form on PTSD. From blanking out in the middle of a conversation to having flashbacks, Iris was experiencing some very severe side effects from her captivity.

What was so great about this episode was we got a chance to see how bad it was for her. We didn't have to infer or hear it from some other character. Iris' full range of emotions, and the actions that those emotions made her take, were explored. She avoided talking about Eva in her article, she bolted from an interview and she even turned down a worldwind trip with Barry. She was hurting and confused and didn't know how to handle those feelings.

One of the things that made me fall in love with this show was the family aspect, especially how they communicated with one another. Someone always has an aha moment when they are talking or listening to another person. This time with Iris was no different. As she did her best to console Barry, she realized the very thing she was asking of him was what she needed to do for herself-stop placing blame. I'm sure Iris felt some responsibility for her capture. How could she not? She's the intrepid reporter who snuck out in the middle of the night for a scoop. She probabaly also felt some guilt because of how much she loves Barry-maybe thinking he never would have been tricked if she hadn't gone off to get a great story. All of those things are crazy, and she said it best, "Something happened to you not because of you."

I'm not always psyched with the story arcs of Iris. But if this is the end for this one, I have to say bravo. The realization that she needed to get some help and do it alone was a great ending and the seeds of a new beginning for an even fiercer Iris West-Allen.

Barry tried his best to romance Iris back into the real world. Although she was trying to enjoy it, Barry knew Iris was hurting. And he knew that his time with Mirror Iris was part of her pain. Their heart to heart about him being tricked by Mirror Iris included a much needed admission that he went far too long before he realized that Mirror Iris was not his wife.

His grief over not knowing she was gone and not saving her before the city was damaged was understandable, but ever the comforter, Iris made sure to remind him that he wasn't the bad guy in this thing. Their unshakeable bond was cemented, and the Barry and Iris love story endures.

Team Flash

If you've read any of my other reviews, you know I am no fan of Allegra, but this week, I really admired what they did with her character. She took a big risk by telling Iris her article sucked. But, she didn't do it in a disrepectful way. Allegra was truthful, but managed to still tell Iris that truth in a caring way. It was a welcome change from her interactions with the Wells' and showed her chops as a writer. Let's hope we get more of this for Allegra.

Again, I'm no big cheerleader for Chester, but the potential of his team up with Cisco is promising. They nerded out for much of the episode which was really cute, but they were also an effective team. Those two at the comms desk could be the makings of some good comedy.

Frost and Caitlin cannot catch a break. I don't know what is happening with them, and I'm not even sure I care. They have butchered this character since Season 2, and it has not been pretty. I am hoping that Frost will turn back into Killer Frost or just leave all together because she just doesn't work as part of Team Flash for me.


What a major snooze! The card trick (well, murder) at the beginning was a bit cool, but the rest of his quest was strange. Get your memories back, so you can be enraged by them. Got it.

Other Things I Was Thinking

*Why haven't Iris and Joe talked?
*I love Jesse Martin, but I'm not sure why he's hanging around...
*Barry and Iris being a superpower- I approve.
*Man, I missed the loft and the Barry and Iris quiet moments.
*An offended Cisco- "I know he did not just name me"- I was dying!
*What the hell was that ugly Anti-Matter, lightening absorbing thing at the end of the episode?
*Frost and Caity's big reveal was a big dud.

"Cental City Strong" was character heavy episode that really dove into trauma and just how we can fight our way back from it. I enjoyed it. What did you think? Let me know in the comments or Tweet me @NaomiAnna_. I'd love to discuss!

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on the CW. As always, thanks for reading!

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