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Riverdale - Back to School & Fire in the Sky - Review: "Everything is changing, right?"

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The time jump did not change so much in Riverdale. Yes, the kids are grown-up, we have new couples - like Barchie - that fans are excited about, but the show is repeating its own history. How so? Well, for instance, by hiring all the 4 main protagonists as teachers at Riverdale High. How life can be strange, can't it?

Let's summarize and comment on what happened in "Back to School" and "Fire in the Sky". In the first episode, the gang decides that it's time to change Riverdale at its core. They begin their first day as new teachers, while the big villains - Hiram and Reggie try to create new problems for the town. 
This season Polly is back in her wildness, she is gone missing for a few days, and Tony tells Betty that she has been meeting up with a trucker for sex. Betty talks with her mom and they follow the lead. 

In the meanwhile, while Veronica is teaching her class, out of nowhere Chad decides to visit her and he sits among her students. Everything is okay with him, right? Archie asks her help to fund the football team. Veronica also decides that it's time for her to open a jewelry store at the former Blue Velvet video, but Chad is not happy about it and they fight. What a wonderful couple, I am sure they will stay together. 

Jug and Tabitha work together on his new book and they decide to reach out to an old man who tells him that his friends were abducted by aliens known as the Moth Men. These aliens live in the woods. Riverdale has covered all the possible crazy storylines, only aliens were missing in their checklist.

The episode ends with Archie and Jug trapped while Archie's house is on fire. Suspense. 

The second episode "Fire in the Sky" opens with Betty, Kevin, and Alice that randomly take a body that they found to the morgue, where Dr. Curdle can not identify them. Thanks to her FBI background, Betty thinks that it is the body of Margaret, the woman that disappeared years ago, but it is not the case. 

Veronica decides to use her students to build her jewelry. As a perfect teacher, she enlists them and thinks she will funnel money back into the city's economy.  We all know that Hiram will try to stop her, and he does. Do you remember the fire? Archie and Jug, clearly, survive and Corporal Jackson from the Fire department visits him.

Cheryl and Toni agree to coach Vixens together - just because the writers need to find a way to reconcile the two lovebirds.  Jug and Tabitha continue their investigations and they find that Nana Rose has kept a corpse of the Moth Men in a marble barrel. After they unpack it and they go to the graveyard, something unexpected happens - a light comes out from Pop's and his mind goes blank.  They must call Scully and Mulder!

The episode ends with more women missing. These two episodes were not that bad, but I am still not sold on this new season. I don't like how the show feels exactly the same. I really hoped that this reset could shake things up, but I am not seeing any substantial difference.

What did you think of "Back to School" and "Fire in the Sky"?

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