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Resident Aliens - Welcome Aliens - Review

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If anyone was wondering about the other aliens people have been recording encounters with over the years, we got some answers this week, and they were kind of fun. Of course, all of the answers were filtered through Harry’s perspective. I find myself hoping he’s telling the truth.

Asta and, I’m guessing, Dan got Harry (and his device) back to his cabin after his ordeal in the crevasse. Asta does believe the device is just a radio. Unfortunately (fortunately for us humans), it’s broken.

I was expecting the limb to grow back, but did he really have to use it to pick up that piece of bacon? Shiver. LOL

Anyone else miss Sahar as much as I did? “Oh, it looks like aliens are also put off by strong women.”

Max and Sahar give Harry a tip on where to find the parts he needs. Not the Radio Shack suggestion. The UFO convention in New Mexico.

The kids also school him on why they’re called the Men in Black.

“Because it’s cooler than calling them People in Clothes.” Please bump that little girl up to a regular cast member.

Harry and Asta head off to the UFO convention in search of one of the trackers The Greys leave in the people they abduct/experiment on.

There’s the usual insanity. The best part of this segment was Harry's running commentary about the other aliens that have visited the planet.

I found it a little surprising that, while the show has strongly implied that Harry's people are the aliens that have helped various ancient civilizations make advancements, they were not on the alien board.

I suppose he’d say they’re too smart to leave that kind of evidence or witnesses behind.

The shining moment was Asta’s alien encounter confession. It was sweet. Then Harry popped that bubble with one of his glorious voice overs.

Harry got the part he needed. Now he’s ready.

The most concerning storyline for me was Casper and Logan’s dinner with Max’s parents. Casper searched Max’s room and stole his piece of Harry’s ship.

As proof that the govenement is going to underestimate Max, it never occurred to Casper that there would be a camer in the room. I was so happy, not that I doubted it for a second, that Max wasn't making idle threats when he told Harry he was going to put a camera in his room.

So, Max is aware that the government stole the part. More importantly the government knows about Max’s involvement.

At least they won’t be able to catch him unawares.

The other big news of the episode was the sheriff apologizing to Liv.

The sheriff’s father, Lewis, was the person who got him to start opening his mind to the fact that he was wrong and owed Liz an apology.

I have to say I liked his dad a lot better in this episode than the first time we saw him. When we first met him, he came across as just mean.

Here, the fact that his harsh truth started with the confession that he also made mistakes made him seem more like a good dad teaching a hard lesson.

Wow, Corey Reynolds has a serious set of pipes.

It wasn’t really a surprise that, after that performance, she agreed to take her job back.

The episode’s surprise ending was definitely a surprise. I did quite pick up on D’Arcy’s motivation for opening the freezer, but it did make for a totally unexpected ending.

I am really looking forward to the season finale.

Will Max go after the stolen part? How close will Casper and Logan get to Harry? Will Harry push the button? {The latter question is the only one I feel like I know the answer to.}

What did you guys think of the episode?

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