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Quote of the Week (Feb. 28 - March 13)

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  A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Chicago PD
1.  Kevin Atwater:  "You don't gotta be Black to know wrong from right."  (Jessica C)
2.  Kevin Atwater:  "We have been shot at, chased down, all while protecting the white cop that killed the Black kid, and I gotta live with that. Why not you? I gotta be angry. Why not you? 'Cause you're the good white cop that can't understand? Who has nothing to do with any of this? Is that what you're trying to say?"  (Jessica C)
3.  Kevin Atwater:  "What if you can't see it coming?"  (Jessica C)

1.  Krendler:  “I’m sure he offered you an out.  People find a way to heal old wounds.” Clarice:  “Even if it’s the wrong way, Sir?”  Krendler:  “You speaking about Herman...or me and you?  I’ve been hard on you since you joined VICAP, but not because you found Bill before we did - I did.  But because when you found him, no one knew where you were.  You didn’t call it in until after it was done.  YOU had no backup, no experience, and barely any training.”  Clarice:  “Sir, I wasn’t just going to let…”  Krendler:  “YOU...weren’t going to let her.  YOU could have died.  Other agents could have died looking for...YOU.  The hardest part of this job is learning that it is not about YOU.  Maybe I am out.  Maybe you’ll help Herman get me out.  Make your decision, but make it about the team.  Take care of your own.”
2.  Mapp:  “I’ve been telling you that you’re messing with the one opportunity I’ve had and you won’t listen.  You won’t listen because opportunity’s like nothing to you.  This one goes, another one will come.  This morning, my boss offered you what I’ve been fighting for since I graduated Quantico.”  Clarice:  “Alright, I get it.”  Mapp:  “No, you don’t.”  Clarice:  “I am just trying to find out who killed these whistleblowers, to find out how deep this goes.”  Mapp:  “Do you think you’re entitled to jeopardize the one opportunity I have because you’re just trying.  Because it means so much to you and not me.  Your feelings don’t outweigh my ability to perform as an agent.”  Clarice:  “What matters here is the victims.”  Mapp:  “You need to stop saying that like I’m not fighting for them as well.  I love you but who do you think you’re talking to?  I don’t want your investigation; I have my own....”
3.  Tripathi:  “So what did he offer you to help prove that Krendler mishandled it?”  Clarice:  “You’re not asking me what he offered.  You’re asking if I accepted.  Three women were murdered, that I do not accept.  I will never accept.”  Tripathi:  “Yeah, neither will I.  Neither will Krendler.  You should trust that.”  Clarice:  “All due respect, ever since I got here, I’ve heard a lot about what I should trust.  Krendler was wrong.  Whether he really believed Wellig was a serial killer or because he was being a soldier for the AG…”  Tripathi:  “Whoa, slow down…”  Clarice:  “...or whether he’s still sore at me for showing him up on Buffalo Bill, the chances of this being a conspiracy were real and no one said a thing but me, and do not tell me to slow down.  You catch up….I’m sorry.”  Tripathi:  “It’s okay.  It’s complicated.”  Clarice:  “I hear that one a lot, too.”  (Dahne)

Good Girls
1.  Greg:  "Okay, well, they all had their shoes on in our house, and Nancy is losing her mind."  (Jessica C)
2.  Ruby:  "I'm gonna get ahead of this one and let you know right now, it's not the Washington Monument."  (Jessica C)
3.  Beth:  "Just crazy...that there's a way to get everyone...even tigers."  (Jessica C)

1.  Kasie, after a hacker disables the NCIS computer systems while Kasie tries to match a fingerprint on a bottle of ketchup: “You think you got problems? Try catching murder ketchup fingerprints by hand. I’m like Amish Colombo down there.“  (Kath M)

Prodigal Son
1.  Birdie:  “Stuck on a yacht for all of quarantine. Total nightmare.”  (Prpleight)
2.  Capshaw:  “You've been assigned janitorial duty in my infirmary. I have a one-strike policy. So make sure you don't kill anyone. Or annoy me.”  Martin: “Wow, I like that those violations both carry the same weight with you.”  (Prpleight)

Resident Alien
1.  Asta to Harry:  “It’s good to see you’re still such a huge weirdo and your talent for unleashing chaos in my life is strong as ever, but I think I’m better having known you.”  (Dahne)
2.  Harry:  “Now I understand douchebag.”  (Prpleight)

1.  Wanda: “Boys, go handle the military.”  (Kath M)

What We’re Watching:

Altered Carbon
1.  Kovacs:  “I just want one thing to go right today.”  Host:  “Clearly.”  (Prpleight)
2.  Kovacs:  “...when the victors rewrite history, it's just another kind of war, waged after the battlefield killing is done to murder the memory of the defeated.”  (Prpleight)

Nancy Drew - 2.04
1.  George, to her little sister:  “Look, I don’t say this often enough but I’m really, really proud of you, even when I’m being hard on you.  And I wasn’t mad earlier, I was just...I was rushing you and that is not your fault.  It’s mine.”  Jesse:  “Why are you being weird?”  George:  “Because I love you.  I needed you to hear that because I need you to know that you are not all alone in this world.  I just wish that someone had told me that at your age.  That’s all.”  (Dahne)

New Tricks
1.  Beatrice:  “That's Phillip. He stopped wearing clothes 4 years ago.”  Sandra: “Doesn't he ever get cold?”  Beatrice:  “It looks like it sometimes.”  (Prpleight)

Star Trek Discovery - 1.14
1.  Tilly:  “When we were in the Terran universe, I was reminded how much a person is shaped by their environment, and I think the only way that we can stop ourselves from becoming them is to understand the darkness within us and fight it.  Tyler needs you.”  Michael:  “I’m told he’s doing well.”  Tilly:  “It’s not possible, not when you’ve lost the person you care about the most.”  Michael:  “He killed a Starfleet officer and he...he tried to kill me.”  Tilly:  “And those crimes are reprehensible, but Tyler is not the person who did that, at least he’s not anymore.  He is something other, someone new, and what we do now, the way that we treat him, that is who he’ll become.  I know you still care about him.”  Michael:  “I do.  That does not mean I should.”  Tilly:  “Michael, he’s been stripped of his badge.  He’ll never fly for Starfleet again.  He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t end up in a lab or a cell.  What kind of future can he have?  Say what you have to say, even if it’s goodbye.”  (Dahne)

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