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Mom - Woo-Woo Lights and an Onside Kick - Review: "My Kingdom for a Can of Soup"

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 On this week's Mom, Jill's "break" with Andy finally becomes a "break-up" and the rest of the girls have to deal with the fall-out. 

At a meeting, Jill tells the group that she's ready for the "break" to be over, and she's angry that Andy gets to be the one to decide when to un-pause things. Bonnie tells her that Andy is watching football with Adam later, so she'll find out what Andy's thinking for her. 

When Adam gets home, Bonnie pumps him for information. Adam says that Andy didn't mention Jill at all. They talked about football and not much else, though he does let it slip that Andy has a new patrol partner - a woman! (Apparently, his old partner Burt reunited with his twin brother and got picked for The Amazing Race!)

At a meeting, Bonnie tells Jill what she found out and Jill immediately jumps to conclusions and becomes determined she needs to find out more about Andy's new partner, whose name is Joanna. Fortunately for her, Wendy pipes up that she actually knows Joanna, since she has to come by the emergency room often while on duty. 

Wendy says Joanna is nice, about 40, average looking, has two dogs and collects vintage dolls. Jill's not happy that Wendy doesn't have anything more substantial, and Marjorie has to all-but-hold her and Bonnie back from wringing Wendy's neck for more information. 

While Adam and Bonnie have dinner, he wonders if they should be worried about how Jill is taking everything - since her idea of normal tends to be a little more than over-dramatic. He repeats that Andy said she's a "bit of a handful," which lands him in the doghouse. (Bonnie wants to know if he talks about her that way!)

Bonnie still takes what Adam says into consideration and calls Jill to check on her. Turns out Adam was right. Jill has a definite tendency to over-react - so much so that she's currently stalking Andy and Joanna at work!

Instead of doing the sensible thing, Bonnie does the Bonnie thing, and goes to join her - armed with snacks, binoculars, and a jar to pee in! Bonnie insists that Jill needs some lessons in good surveillance and decides to introduce her to the "Bonnie Plunkett School of Surveillance Techniques." (This includes changing drivers while the car is in motion! How does Bonnie still have a license yall?) 

Jill nearly decides to do the healthy thing and go home. But what would be the fun in that? Instead she and Bonnie continue to tail Andy and Joanna and Jill gets so desperate that she tries calling him. When they see him looking at the caller ID and not picking up, Jill makes Bonnie call, who he picks up for. This sends Jill even further into a spiral. 

Tammy calls and soon enough the girls end up with a third accomplice. The three watch Andy and Joanna arrest a drunk and take him to the hospital. In the hospital parking lot, they're spotted by Wendy, who they catch up on the nights' activities. This is when Wendy chips in some useful information. Andy and Joanna are definitely not dating - because she just moved in with "Desert Storm Lorne" from radiology! 

Jill's relieved to realize Andy isn't cheating on her. The good news doesn't last long though. Andy finally sees them and comes and knocks on the window. He wants to talk to Jill. Bonnie, Wendy, and Tammy spy on the conversation, but they don't need binoculars to see what's going on. Andy hands Jill a key and she starts crying, It's over. 

Back at Bonnie's, Marjorie joins the rest of the girls in consoling Jill. Marjorie assures her that even though it doesn't feel possible now, she's going to meet someone special again. 

Random Thoughts:
-I want to know more about Bonnie being stuck in the Philippines! 

- The girls betting with Twizzlers was pretty hilarious. 

-Tammy, Jill, and Bonnie's imitations of Marjorie had me rolling on the floor laughing.

-The best line goes to Tammy when describing her nature hike - "Hell is other people while also walking uphill." I agree, Tammy!

Were you expecting Jill and Andy to finally come to an end? Let me know below! 

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