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Mom - Sober Wizard and a Woodshop Workshop - Review: "Everyone Knows it's Not Cheating if it's a Ghost"

On this week's Mom, Adam takes a risk, and Bonnie faces her fear of him doing just that.

Adam announces his friend has invited him to go skiing. He's psyched. Bonnie, however, takes one look at the adaptational skiing video and immediately declares to the girls that Adam might as well be signing his death certificate. After-all, skiing was what put him in the wheelchair in the first place. When Bonnie asks Marjorie what to say to stop him from going, Marjorie suggests that Bonnie just be supportive and keep her thoughts to herself. (We all know this isn't going to happen!)

While Adam is packing, Bonnie narrowly tells him she doesn't want him to go, but amazingly keeps quiet. When Adam leaves, she gives him one last kiss (Seriously, you would of thought she was escorting him to his execution!). Now there's nothing for Bonnie to do but worry, and she's very good at that. So good, in fact, that she finds herself spinning out and re-arranging the whole apartment!

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are growing tired of hearing about Jill's break with Andy, so Tammy takes her with to mentor teenage girls at the Inspired Girl Project. While Tammy can easily connect with most of the girls, having come from a similar background, Jill initially has trouble finding common ground with her mentee Mckayla. However, it doesn't take long for them to find out they do have something in common - they're both currently pissed off at their "kind-of" boyfriends. Before long, Jill has gathered most of the girls to give her some impromptu love advice. (For the record, the girls are right - she DOESN'T need to call Andy!) Unfortunately for Tammy, the girls are all so caught up in Jill's drama that they miss the woodworking workshop she was teaching. 

At the bistro, Bonnie continues to worry about Adam, while Jill excitedly shows Tammy what Mckayla and the other girls have cooked up. (They've photoshopped her into a kayak to post on social media to make Andy jealous.) Tammy's a bit concerned that Jill hasn't actually gotten around to any "mentoring" activities with the girls, like helping them study for school. 

Later that night, Bonnie dreams that Alvin is alive and sitting in her living room. (For those of you who need a refresher, that would be long-dead, baby daddy Alvin!) She tells him that she can't stop worrying and that it took her years to get over his death, and can't imagine going through that hurt again with Adam. Alvin tells Bonnie that the reason she's worried is that she finally has something to lose since she's in the best place in her life she's ever been. He advises her to be happy she has a lot to lose and not to waste her life worrying. Before Bonnie wakes up, Alvin assures her that he's watching out for Christy, her, and even Adam.

The next day at the Inspired Girl Project, Tammy tells Bobbie, the coordinator, that she's worried about Jill's effect on the girls. One of them even missed school so Jill could cry on her shoulder. Bobbie's hesitant to talk to Jill. (She's the biggest donor the group has, and also, Bobby's a little scared of her!) She encourages Tammy to tell Jill what she's worried about. 

So, when Jill arrives, Tammy lays it out and doesn't sugarcoat it a bit. She tells Jill that she's supposed to be mentoring the girls, not relying on them to solve her own problems and she's made the whole thing about herself. Tammy also tells her that she's got more to offer the girls than she's giving them, that she's strong and powerful, and has been through her share of hard times - which is a lesson she can pass on to the girls by not falling to pieces over her break with Andy. A moved to tears Jill confides in Tammy that she's scared her "break" with Andy will turn into a "break-up." Tammy assures her she'll get through it if it does and Jill thanks her for reminding her what's important. 

At home, Bonnie is still panic re-arranging the furniture when Adam arrives and tells her he loved skiing again. But, Bonnie, being Bonnie, finally opens the floodgates and tells Adam how worried she was and that she doesn't want him to go skiing again. Adam tells her that skiing and being adventurous makes him feel alive. Bonnie tells him about her dream with Alvin and that he told her she was worried because she's finally happy. She admits she doesn't want to stand in the way of Adam feeling happy too, so she wants him to keep doing what makes him feel that way. Adam offers to take Bonnie with him the next time he goes skiing and teach her. She agrees. And crazily enough - she loves it!

Random Thoughts:
-The best line goes to Bonnie when talking to Gus while she worrying - "Gus, clear your afternoon. Mommy needs to cuddle." 

Were you surprised at how worried Bonnie was? Do you think Jill is going to be able to move on from Andy? Let me know below!


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