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Line of Duty - Episode 6.02 - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
21947196-low.th.jpg 21947144-low.th.jpg 21947118-low.th.jpg 21947092-low.th.jpg 21947040-low.th.jpg 21947001-low.th.jpg 21946988-low.th.jpg 21946975-low.th.jpg 21946949-low.th.jpg 21946871-low.th.jpg 21946923-low.th.jpg 21946845-low.th.jpg 21946832-low.th.jpg 21946819-low.th.jpg 21946780-low.th.jpg 21946806-low.th.jpg 21946754-low.th.jpg 21946741-low.th.jpg 21946728-low.th.jpg 21946702-low.th.jpg 21946689-low.th.jpg 21946676-low.th.jpg 21946663-low.th.jpg 21946585-low.th.jpg 21946572-low.th.jpg 21946624-low.th.jpg 21946637-low.th.jpg
Press Release
AC-12 suspect a cover-up as they probe DCI Joanne Davidson’s team for the officer sabotaging the inquiry into Gail Vella’s murder. As the team dig further, the investigation takes a shocking turn when they begin to scrutinize DCI Joanne Davidson’s personal life.