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Legacies - Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right - Review

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This week on Legacies, a Leprechaun showed up just as the school desperately needs money. So, like any sane person, Lizzie decided to make the best of the situation but things got a bit out of hand. Hope and Cleo decide to follow the leprechaun hoping it will lead to a portal to the prison world so that Hope can save Landon. Things don’t go as planned and Hope has now alienated another person in her life. Josie gets scared about meeting Finch and bails. She later apologizes. MG loses the ascendant he’d been hiding from everyone. 

Glad it wasn’t me this time: I’m so glad someone finally pointed out how Hope’s singular focus has been Landon, to the point that all her other relationships suffer. A bit surprising that it came from someone who has only known her for a few days, but I’ll take it. But this does mean that the writers are aware of what they’ve been doing, so this was all on purpose? That might actually worse than it just being incompetence. Anyway, it’s been acknowledged and it does look like they might build further on it next week. I know we’ll eventually get Landon back, not a doubt in my mind about that, but I would really like Hope to become aware of the fact that this is not healthy. 
MVP: Raise your hand if you’d like to see a Kaleb-centric episode. He’s been stealing the show since the very beginning, but so far hasn’t really been given much opportunity to be anything other than comedic relief. Time to put him in the spotlight. 

Call it a hunch: Everyone seemed pretty pissed off at MG for hiding the ascendant, but they stopped the episodes right before we were about to get an explanation. I have a feeling that I’m going to be siding with MG on this one. My guess is that he knew Hope would do everything to get Landon back, including risk Malivore and Ted getting out of the prison world. If this is his motivation, I agree with him hiding it. Hope is not thinking clearly right now. I mean, she was actually angry at Cleo for saving Alaric’s life (so was I, but for entirely different reasons). I imagine there will be quite a discussion next week. 

OMG fire him: Just when I thought the situation at the school couldn’t get any worse. Not only did Alaric manage to piss off all the parents into pulling their kids out, but he also completely neglected the paperwork leading to them nearly losing the school. What’s next? Getting a student killed… oh wait, technically that’s already happened. At this point, Lizzie would be a more competent headmistress. I would even settle for Matt Donavan being in charge of the school, just get Alaric out of there. Did he really think he’d get a loan for a school with only 30 kids? It’s been painfully obvious that Alaric has overstayed his welcome. His character adds no value anymore. He barely has any father/daughter scenes with his kids. Most of the time, he’s conveniently away from the action. Why is he still here, Julie? I highly doubt anyone on the cast wants to keep Matt around either. 

Are my eyes deceiving me? Oh look, the writers remembered that Josie and MG were friends. These two have barely shared any scenes since the beginning of the show and they’re supposed to be really close. I hope this means that they’ll share more scenes in the future. I’ve missed their friendship. 
This better be the end of it: I thought that by putting Malivore in the prison world, we could finally leave the monster of the week stories behind us. But at this point, it’s starting to seem like we’ll never be free of Malivore. If it doesn’t end after Landon gets back, I’m giving up hope it ever will. I still don’t understand why the writers chose this format, as it takes so much time away from actual long-term storytelling and I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. 

Best quotes: Lizzie: “Do I need to remind you what you missed out on the last time you said no to me?” 
Lizzie: “Classic loophole.” Kaleb: “Yeah, and how do those generally work out for us, Lizzie?” 
Kaleb: “I know we have all thought about it, but don’t kill Lizzie.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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