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Good Trouble - Episode 3.09 - Driver's Seat - Promo, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Sneak Peek

Promotional Photos
158336_0332-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0377-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0716-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0693-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0661-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0651-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0640-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0630-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0442-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0426-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0428-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0435-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0422-900x0.th.jpg 158336_0416-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0413-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0386-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0389-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0393-400x0.th.jpg 158336_0397-400x0.th.jpg

Press Release
Callie juggles the murder case and her feelings towards Gael. Mariana helps Alice take control of her life; meanwhile, Davia struggles with her feelings towards Dennis and Matt. Gael faces an ethical dilemma regarding his boss.