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Good Trouble - Episode 3.08 - Trust - Promotional Photos, Promo + Press Release

Promotional Photos
158043_0344-400x0.th.jpg 158043_0247-900x0.th.jpg 158043_0319-900x0.th.jpg 158043_0283-400x0.th.jpg 158043_0164-900x0.th.jpg 158043_0075-400x0.th.jpg 158043_0026-900x0.th.jpg 158043_0895-900x0.th.jpg 158043_0864-400x0.th.jpg 158043_0486-400x0.th.jpg 158043_0802-900x0.th.jpg 158043_0839-900x0.th.jpg 158043_0847-400x0.th.jpg

Press Release
Callie and the team take on a murder case while Mariana and the fight club girls struggle with their pitch. Malika reveals her feelings towards Dyonte, and Davia comes to a realization about Matt. Gael struggles with his latest assignment, while Alice tries to take control of her relationship with Ruby.