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Good Girls - One Night in Bangkok - Advanced Preview: "The Girls Are Back In Town"

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After a Covid induced abrupt end to season 3, the worst Good Girls on TV are back for season 4. The intended 16 episode run was cut to only 11 with us fans left hanging mid through the season 3 storyline.  Season 3 ended with Beth starting a Hottub business with Dean and "Rio's money", Annie still pinning over her therapist Josh (played by Rob Heaps), and Ruby trying to keep her marriage afloat. While Agent Donnegan was getting better in the Catch me if you Can part. And while I can't share many plot-relevant details, here is my breakdown of the season 4 premiere of Good Girls. 

The season 4 premiere is rather slow-paced, yet still eventful, as the stories from the previous season carry over but don't really hit all the right notes. The current issue with the show is now that the plot is pretty much at a dead end. While they do try to include new elements and struggles it feels repetitive and while the writing tries to provide some tension and the lack of consequences for all the mishaps of our leading ladies is what keeps the show caged. 

As always, Annie was there to provide the laughs during this episode. As all three leading ladies, Mae Whitman brings something very individual and relatable to Annie and her personal growth which is mostly built on the ruins of her failures. keeps providing laughs and heartwarming moments Over the previous 3 seasons, Annie's even remote stability was based on her connection with Ben, it is her driving force and the one thing she thinks she has done right. This season as the consequence of her previous actions, the mother-son relationship is put to a test and the results are earthshaking for Annie.

The discovery of Lucy's body put a different kind of pressure on Beth with quite different personal consequences. Still, as we've learned during the show's run, Beth is at her best when her back is up the wall and she struggles to catch air. Christina Hendricks once again proves why her leading lady energy is what drives this show to be so compelling. Hendricks' Beth is a chameleon that turns colors as fast as necessary and as good as possible. 

The show doesn't waste much time putting Beth and Rio into intense (sexually charged) scenes as the rope around both their necks is slowly tightening up.  The show really built itself around their relationship and while it was/is fun to see them go head to head, it's definitely time for their story to come to a conclusion, with either another bullet or prison wall between them. Other than that an interaction with a season 3 familiar puts another dent into Beth's plans against Rio.  But where is Rio, there is Dean too. I am a big fan of Matthew Lillard and he portrays Dean so well, but in each episode, I ask myself why is a woman like Beth carrying Dean's dead weight? Their interaction did get better over the last couple of seasons and even this week they are cute-ish at moments but it somehow just doesn't feel right 

Ruby still struggles to keep the peace within her family as a new dent is testing her marriage with Stan and her abilities as a parent. Ruby's part in this episode is quite on the download and slips by till the final scenes when a new revelation spins her world once again upside down. Also, guest-starring this week is the brilliant Nicole Sullivan, a sneak peek of her interaction with Ruby and Stan you can see HERE.

Last but not least, the fourth lady in the circle, Agent Donnegan is doing her best to infiltrate the women's circle providing tension and laughs as the episode progresses. Lauren Lapkus is just so enjoyable to watch in this role. Her balance between badass and smart always charms a smile on my face. Intrigued to see how the writers will conclude her story down the line. 

That's a wrap on my side guys. I know it isn't much but hopefully enough to keep you up float till the coming Sunday when the 4th season of Good Girls premieres on NBC at 10/9 Central. In the meantime, you can catch up rewatch the latest episode on Netflix. Till we meet again. . .

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