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Charmed - Yew You Do? - Review: "Mirror, Mirror on The Floor"

Episode 5 of season 3 continued the sisters' journey started last week, the sisters aren't just fighting weird magical beings but also doing their best to juggle their human lives. James Genn directed "Yew You Do", written by Johanna Lee and Christina Pia. 

Before digging into this week's episode, I first have to fangirl over the sister scenes we've got this week. We were even served a Mel-Macy solo scene. Those are so rare over the last 3 seasons and we definitely need more of those. The sisters just being sisters and sharing their "real" world struggle. 

Maggie was still heading for that internship and things didn't look optimistic. The episode opened with a strong dance scene which was used to show off how Maggie was coping with the stress and the anxiety. Maggie's journey over the seasons is strong and her evolution quite remarkable. Maggie continues to find ways to reinvent herself and evolve as a student, human and witch. The way the writers used the Monster of the Week story to find her own voice and the story she wants to tell was quite beautiful.

Meanwhile, I am so pleased with the return of Mel as we know her. Mel's strength lies in her unapologetic attitude and using her passion to do what has to be done. The conflict with the Head of the Department was the perfect way of showing how good she is at what she does. What is different from the Mel we know, it isn't head through the wall first. She is calmer and knows that she doesn't have to go all out with her first punch, but she does if she needs to. Saying your boss that her work is outdated and not fitting the world where they are living now. Still, Mell did it cause it was the only right thing to do. What I did miss is a bit more interaction with Kevin. The scene they had was cute but I wish him featured more in the episode. 

Macy meanwhile inherited a new purpose in life, in the form of Safe Space Seattle. It was good seeing Swan again, but Julian's decision felt so random. I cackled when Macy went all Boss mode when Swan started badgering her with questions. I feel deeply for Christin Park, the high pitch voice she has to speak at times, ugh. 
Swan stepping up and "raise" her opinion so Macy would understand the importance of Safe Space was a really good scene. Christin really dug deep into the material and gave once again life to the Swan we all love. Getting SSS could be an interesting journey for Macy. She was the one that learned to accept and love herself throughout this show and giving other people a safe space (pun intended) to express themselves is a great way to embrace her own journey. 

  Credit @ Harry Commatopoulos

This week's unknown Monster was Oman, a narcissistic Demon/Monster living for the love of his subordinates. Using his powers to see humans profess their love with hideous acts was really a devious take on the story. At this point, I'm due a big shot out to Sara Thompson cause her portrayal of Julie was just that good. Sara is best known for her work on The 100, but that role was quite opposite from what we have seen of her this week. The fragility and terror that Sara brought to the character were so palpable. The "dance" scene between Julie and Maggie was so well shot and executed, the way the two of them embraced the music and expressed themselves really left me in awe. The team eventually worked together to find a way to destroy Oman. Of course, all good plans you can throw into the trash. Luckily the writers had a good dose of inspiration here and used Mel's new power in a really intelligent way to eventually defeat the Demon. The mystery surrounding the magical allergy deepens and I hope the writers have a really good solution up their sleeves cause I am digging it hard. 

Last but not least, Chasewood. The regular men of the show banned together to explore the mystery this season introduced. Having Harry and Jordan share scenes is always interesting. Their energy is quite similar but also different. Both of them are guided by their moral compass but their life paths are so different. Their interaction wasn't much fruitful on a business plan as they didn't get much further with the mystery, but personally, both experienced some growth. Harry supporting Jordan and making him realize the other lawyers won't love him more if he pretends to be one of them was a beautiful message. Harry being grumpy cause of the age difference with Macy was an interesting aspect to explore. But understandable, imagine having a gf like Macy you would need to get better day in day out, hashtag FACTS. 

Other tidbits: 
- U guys probably also noticed how neither Antonio nor Kevin are approaching Mel and Maggie, leaving the space for a magical revelation. 
- Macy color-coding the Book of Elders so Macy of her. 
- This week we went without major Hacy angst and it was really enjoyable. Letting the two of them live their lives but being there for each other is just the right way for them to prosper. 

That's a wrap on my side. What are your thoughts on this week's episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Charmed returns in two weeks, in the meantime you can stream the first five episodes of the season on the CW APP. Charmed returns on March  14th on the CW at 9/8 Central. 


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