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STVPlus Episode and Ratings Dashboard *Updated 6th July 2022*

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Latest Updates 6th July 2002

We've made a few little updates to the dashboard.

1) Ratings Tables will now color code Finales and Premiere Episodes

2) Added New Top Weekly Ratings Chart to Ratings Page.

Latest Updates 15th August 2021

We've made a few little updates to the dashboard.

1) Added New Shows Page which lists the status of all shows. It’s sortable and searchable.

2) Added New User Setting. “Fav Articles”. This lets you display only articles from your favourite shows.

Latest Updates 15th August 2021

We've made a few little updates to the dashboard, with a few more coming later.

- Added new Ratings Icon on the Calendar to enable you to view any historical ratings date for a specific date
- Show Page layout has been tidied to make information easier to read and to display more information
- New User Setting to let you select the default page for a show eg Episodes or Articles
- Fixed Issue with the Network Page Episode Sorting
- Added new option to the Favourites Page to allow you to select ALL shows for a particular network
- Fixed some display issues for shows with lots of seasons

Hey All, we're excited today to announce that we've just released the new STVPlus Episode and Ratings Database. (

As some of you may have known, we released the original version back in 2011/12. Since then we've added bits on, updated stuff, removed stuff, tweaked stuff etc but it got to a point where:

a) The code was becoming unmanagable to work with
b) The PHP Framework it was built on was very old and would need a major overhaul to get it up to the latest version
c) The PHP version it was running on was coming to it's end of life.

As a result we decided to re-write it from scratch, in a modern PHP Framework called "Laravel" which will see us easily through the next 10 years and beyond. It will also make it easier to add new features etc.

At this point I have to thank our VERY talented developer Haley. You can find her at Not only has she developed this herself, she has also had to put up with me asking questions at every step of the way and basically holding my hand along the way. If you have some PHP/Laravel or other development requirements she won't let you down. are some of the features, many are the same as before but hopefully better.

This first phase is just get a new system in place, fix some existing issues and to make it work better and look nicer along with a few other tweaks, as well as to get it on a supportable and maintainable platform.

Phase 2 is where we'll look to add many more features.

If you are new to STV+ or need a refresher here are some of the features

- Customisable Show Favourites to display just the information you want.
- Comprehensive Episode Database from over 1400 shows
- The Episode Database will have future episodes titles for a large number of shows before any other site.
- Calendar Features to see when your shows are on
- Quick access to Promotional Photos, Promos, Sneak Peeks and Press Releases.
- Ratings Data going back 10 years
- Ratings Comparison Charts for Different Shows or Seasons
- Highly Configurable with more configuration options coming.
- Easy Access to info on 100+ Pilot Shows
- Easy Access to Production Dates on nearly 1000 shows
- Easy Access to over 500 Shows in Development.
- View All Shows/Episodes on a Network
- See Best and Worst Ratings for a show
- See the latest Articles about a show
- View Ratings Charts for a show at a Season or Overall view
- View Daily Ratings Tables

The system has Help Documentation that you can find from the menu and also has a Feedback link should you wish to report a Bug or Suggest a New Feature.

To get the most out of STVPlus eg setting your Favourites/Preferences it is highly recommended that you create yourself a free account. You can do this with either a simple Username/Password or using your Twitter Account. It's totally free either way.

NOTE: If you had an account with the old system you will need to create a new account and setup your favourites again as the new system uses a totally new and modern authentication system which was not compatible with the old system.

This system is very new so we're expecting a few minor issues here and there so please bare with us and use the Feedback from on the site itself or in the comments below.

We hope you enjoy the new version and keep an eye out for new features/updates in the coming weeks/months.

Here are some random screenshots for you to look at :)

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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