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Throwback Thursday - The Good Wife - Hitting The Fan

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Throwback Thursday is a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from the past. "The Good Wife" in on my top 5 favorite shows of all time. I loved the writing, the directing and the cast, which always brought their A-game in every episode. But season 5 of the show hit differently, in a way that was both unexpected and painful! Looking at you Will! We love you!

"Hitting The Fan" is the fifth episode of season five and it is the culmination of the events that ended season four. Cary proposes to Alicia to leave Lockhart/Gardner and start their own firm. Alicia is skeptical in the beginning, but then she decides to do it and they slowly start building their client network. Diane is the first one to find out, in the middle of her negotiations for her exit from the firm to become a judge. She is the one telling Will and she is the one, along with Will, that tries to get the situation under control. It is 43 minutes of pure gold, with incredible pathos and very sharp humor. It is definitely the episode that changed the course of the season (and the series, in my opinion), and it shaped what the show would look like if Alicia and Will weren't together all the time. Yes, I do think the Kings were trying to tell us something, to prepare us for what was about to happen to Will.
It was the episode everyone was waiting for, and it did not disappoint; it's not just a great episode that tackles office relationships and politics, but because you end up rooting for everyone. Sure, you might end up on #TeamLockhartGardner or #TeamFlorrickAgos, but you do not feel bad for any of those characters, because you undestand every point of view and it is clear to the audience why they are doing what they are doing. It was a move the show had been building up for years; it started off with Alica being given the opportunity to get back to work, it went on with her getting really good at what she does and then it got to a point where she had to prove to herself and to others of her worth, so the necessary step to take was to fly solo.
It's an episode filled with memorable little moments, and by little I don't mean unimportant; from Will devastating Alicia's table, to Peter finally taking down Will without reprecussions, emotions run wild and the characters are not afraid to show strenght and resilience. I bet that, when the Kings were writing it and when they were shooting it, they had a sense of freedom in mind that they had never put on the show. There is always something in life that makes you realize something you had never realized before and that is what happened on the show. The pace changed, the dialogues were more fluid and it all culminated in a not-so-sublte shocking moment that had everyone stunned. The build-up was amazing, I remember watching the episodes of season 5 thinking that they had made an incredible job, putting its quality on par with the first two seasons of the show (season 2 being my favorite among all of them!). This episode is relevant because it truly changed everything. We had to think about the show in a different way, under a different light and for a show to do that, during its fifth season, it's truly remarkable.
I really miss "The Good Wife". The level of writing on the show was one of the best and it still remains of the best. I envy those who have never seen it and they get to experience it for the first time and be blown away by the intensity of the show, especially of season five. So, if you are starting it or you have already, enjoy the ride, because it'll be worth it.

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