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Riverdale - Climax & The Peppy Murders - Review: "A Lazy Start"

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After more than six months on hiatus, Riverdale is back. Because of the pandemic, we knew from the very start that this season must close season four's narrative arc. In a few episodes, the TV series will have a general reset - that I will not spoil (just in case you are not on social media). Let's discuss "Climax" first and then switch to "The Peppy Murders."

The season premiere is a low-key opening, sometimes a bit boring, with a few interesting moments and not as bad as the following episode. Throughout the episode, the central drama revolves around Archie and Veronica: he tells her that she kissed Betty, and they decide to break up. The drama factor goes on with Cheryl and Toni: apparently, Toni's Nana has a Romeo & Juliet phase. She does not want her to be in a relationship with a Blossom. Ok, boomer.

Betty and Jughead continue to be the main investigators in town and to live a lie. Videotapes come and go. In this episode, we also have a low-key prom, but it does not feel like the big event we were all waiting for.

"The Peppy Murders" is a trainwreck. I really did not like this episode; let me tell you why. In general, Riverdale's writing does not excel in quality and witness, but I felt really disappointed after watching season five's second hour. Let's talk about Archie - in only 40 minutes, he is mad at everything, he lashes out, he fights with his uncle, and ultimately, he finds peace. Too fast, maybe? 

What about Charles? Can we please just stop adding crazy siblings to the Cooper family, only to use them for a bunch of episodes and then let them disappear? Another gay character that does not have any exciting characterization neither a purpose at all. 

By the way: the videotapes were created by Jellybean! She was upset because her brother did not spend time with her, so she decided to develop a mystery of her own. OKAY.

Riverdale has just been renewed - there will be a season six. I really hope the writers will find a way to add new life and new creative energy to this show, which still has much potential, but right now, has nothing to say.

And you? What do you think of "Climax and "The Peppy Murders"?

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