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Resident Alien - Homesick - Review: Much More Like It + POLL

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I had a lot of fun watching this episode. They seem to have found a grove and energy level that was missing in the pilot.  I'm relieved.

By focusing the episode on Harry's first day in the office it gave us a chance to meet more of the residents of Patience, CO. These character snippets managed to make me hope we would see some of them again.

The Mayor came more into focus. When his wife joked that, if Max kept behaving so outrageously they should get rid of him, she felt like a real parent. I know mother's who have had moments like that.

The decision to make Max a kid capable of going toe to toe with Harry made Max my favorite character in the episode.

I loved the way Judah Prehn just went for it in the scene with the stitches. It looks like these two enemies will be going at it throughout the season. My money is on Max for the win.

I really appreciated the fact that they honored Asta's heritage in dealing with her grief over Sam's death.

Asta was such a cliché in the pilot that it was refreshing to see her develop some dimension. Her father was another bright spot.

I realized they were headed for Harry's stomach ache to be loneliness (that second quest for cow's milk? HA!), but I did not expect the solution we got.

It made perfect sense, but after the cliché laden episode last week I expected them to take the easy way out again.

One thing did have me a little confused. Why did Harry decide to search in the mine? I felt like I'd missed something.


The poor guy we saw in the opener was on top of that ship for 4 months?  Wow. Yet another reason you don't go hiking without a SAT phone.

I saw the accidental picture of his patient's vajayjay coming...still I laughed.

The more it happened the more I enjoyed, what I'm calling, Harry's "Alien Superiority Declarations". Every single one signaled he was about to fail, spectacularly. I grinned in anticipation every time he made one.

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