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Resident Alien - Episode 1.05 - Love Language - Promotional Photos, Promo + Press Release

Press Release
Love Language

An unexpected visitor teaches Harry about the human convention of marriage, which is another cultural barrier Harry must familiarize himself with to blend in with people of Earth.


Promotional Photos
NUP_189940_0019.th.jpg NUP_189940_0059.th.jpg NUP_189940_0111.th.jpg NUP_189940_0168.th.jpg NUP_189940_0387.th.jpg NUP_189940_0396.th.jpg NUP_189940_0549.th.jpg NUP_189940_0674.th.jpg NUP_189940_0722.th.jpg NUP_189940_0798.th.jpg NUP_189940_0877.th.jpg NUP_189940_0962.th.jpg NUP_189940_1129.th.jpg NUP_189940_1230.th.jpg NUP_189940_1452.th.jpg