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Quote of the Week - Week of January 31st

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Chicago PD -
1. Adam Ruzek: "So we fell in love with something together, then we lost something together. I mean, sometimes trauma just brings people closer. Why is that not real?"
2. Kevin Atwater - "Sorry we can't solve every case and save every kid."
3. Kim Burgess: "Look. This might be another big, weird change but I was thinking, if you're okay with it, that maybe you could come home with me. You know, we could be like a family and take care of each other." (Jessica Carnes)

MacGyver -
1. Russ: “...The next thing I knew, a weapon of mass destruction existed with a patent issued to yours truly.” Matty: “We’ve both done things we’re not proud of. It’s the price we pay for the world we operate in. Look, I’ve struggled with the moral traps of this job for a long time, but at the end of the day, I’ve made peace with the fact that there’s just no simple answers.”
2. Desi: “He’s not…” Riley: “Pole vaulting? Oh, yeah.” Mac: “A running pole vaulter builds up kinetic energy, which is then transferred to the pole, propelling the vaulter vertically. Too bad Matty doesn’t give out gold medals.” (Dahne)

The Unicorn -
1. Wade: “Look, life is always gonna hit you with new and challenging things, but you can get through them. That’s just a part of growing up.” Grace: “I’m sick of growing up. I feel like that’s all I’ve been doing, ever since…” Wade: “Since mom?” Grace: “All of my friends get to just be kids and just seems so unfair.” Wade: “You’re right. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t. Come here. Look at me. You can be a kid as long as you want.” Grace: “Why are you smiling?” Wade: “Because I thought you wanted your space. I had it all wrong.” Grace: “So I don’t have to learn how to drive?” Wade: “No, you do. I would be a bad dad if I didn’t teach you life stuff.” (Dahne)

WandaVision -
1. Darcy (seeing Evan Peters Quicksilver): She recast Pietro?
2. Evan Peters Quicksilver (noticing Vision): Who's the popsicle? (popcultureguy)


What We're Watching

Desperate Housewives - 2.19
1. Henry: "So let's get back to the way we were and forget all this nonsense about emancipation." Andrew: "Um... well, Grandpa, I'm still gonna need my trust fund. You see, I can't live in a place where I don't feel safe." Henry: "What are you talking about?" Andrew: "Well,could you live with a woman who hits you?" Eleanor: "Bree!" Bree: "I slapped him once, and he deserved it." Andrew: "Well, I just asked her to stop drinking." Henry: "You were drinking?" Eleanor: "She's in A.A.Her sponsor has long hair." Bree: "Andrew,I find your concern ironic, given how tanked you were when you ran over our neighbor's mother with your car." Eleanor: "Is she okay?" Bree: "She's dead!" (Lindsey)
Desperate Housewives - 2.21
1. Danielle: "Since when do you take mom's side over mine?" Bree: "Your brother and I had a talk, and we've come to a detente of sorts." Danielle: "Really? Even after she screwed you out of your trust fund?" Bree: "Well, he did falsely accuse me of child abuse. I would say we're even. Wouldn't you, Andrew?" Andrew: "Sure,mom. We're even." [Bree exits] Danielle: "You can stop smiling now. I know your face is tired." (Lindsey)

MacGyver - 5.06
1. Mac: “Hey, Bozer, how do you feel about helping me make an invisibility cloak?” Bozer: “How is that even a question?” (Dahne)

Young Sheldon - 4.06
1. Pastor: “Did you feel ready before Georgie was born?” George: “Absolutely. Boy, was I wrong. Why? Getting nervous?” Pastor: “Well, if I can’t get a crib built on my own, how am I gonna be responsible for a human life.” George: “Ah, you’ll figure it out. Ain’t no sense in worrying about it ‘cause you never know what kind of curveballs will come your way.” Pastor: “I guess that’s true.” George: “The doctors could tell us we were having twins, but they couldn’t warn us we were having a Sheldon.” Pastor: “You don’t think I’m gonna…” George: “No,no, they broke the mold. But you could go the other way and have a Georgie, so some terror is called for.” (Dahne)



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