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Quote of the Week - Week of Jan. 24

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Chicago, PD - Jessica
1.  Jay Halstead - "Let's tell the bad guys to take a day off."

2.  Hank Voight - "You're right. But he was a good man. He died trying to protect a scared, vulnerable, young mother. And how he did it? I mean, what rules he chose to ignore? Who cares? He was trying to do something good. That's what matters. You know, there was a time we actually forgave people for their mistakes. We understood that human beings are fallible. So you look at the sum of the parts. Does the good outweigh the bad? I mean, Mike Blaine--he gave his life doing something good...brave...noble. And that makes him a hero."

3.  Samantha Miller - "That being said, it's important to acknowledge that we don't always get it right. The Chicago Police Department is not flawless. We've made some mistakes. We have committed certain unforgivable acts. But those misdeeds, no matter how egregious, should not define us, but rather motivate us to do better, to be more complete and compassionate human beings and police officers."

NCIS - Kath
1.  Kasie - “Life’s going to be fragile no matter where you put the furniture.”

2.  Torres - “Close calls make you live harder.”

3.  Kasie - “Jimmy, you’re in Autopsy. Nothing is going to stop you from pondering the fragility of life.”  ~~~Life lessons from two characters.  (Kath)

Resident Alien - Prpleight

1.  "I'll say one thing about whiskey. It's allowing me to make smart, rational decisions."

The Rookie - Folie-lex
1.  Harper: "Oh well that was stupid, Dennis, and very illegal. Gonna have to call your parents. Which one do you think will be less pissed?"  Dennis: "Um... my dad."  Harper: "Great. What's your mum's number?"

2.  Tim: "Okay, I'm not mad. But I am upset."  Lucy: "I knew it."  Tim: "At myself. You're right. I used the situation with the gardeners without thinking about the impact I had on them. I can't undo it, but I can make sure I never do it again."  Luce: "That's progress. I'm proud of you."  Tim: "I'm thrilled."

3.  Tim: "What happened to the code of silence?"  Owens: "What happened to cops having each others' backs?"  Jackson: "Yeah, Tim has mine."  Owens: "Who are you?"  Jackson: "The cop you just screwed over. Why'd you do it?"  Owens: "Blue protects blue. I know that. Doug knows that. Why don't you?"  Jackson: "Look, are you actually cool with all this?"  Owens: "This is the game. I didn't make waves and Doug hooked me up with a spot on Metro."  Tim: "So you can just ignore all the pain he causes, the abuse of power, to get that promotion?"  Owens: "The system is not gonna change, so what's the point in me throwing myself off a cliff? I gotta get what's mine and I advise you do the same. Because Doug's not going down without a fight."

Servant - Folie-lex
1.  Sean: "The neighbour says he thinks they're out of town."  Dorothy: "The neighbour? The neigh...? You never trust the neighbour because every time they find a basement full of bodies it's always 'The Neighbour Suspected Nothing'."

2.  Sean: "You ever eat pizza with someone you love?"  Tobe: "I've had dates that end in pizza."  Sean: "Right. Pizza's made to be shared. You know way back when all food was, but... the pack feeds together. We break bread."

3.  Tobe: "What are you doing here, Leanne?"  Leanne: "I wanted to say goodbye. But I thought that you would try and talk me out of leaving."  Tobe: "Would you have listened to me?"  Leanne: "Maybe. But I had to go. I didn't have a choice."  Tobe: "Did something happen with the Turners?"  Leanne: "It was Dorothy. I couldn't live with her for another day."  Sean: "I've heard enough of this."  Dorothy: "Leave it."  Leanne: "She is not like she is on the television. She's selfish, and she's cruel. She's mean."

Superstore - Folie-lex
1.  Warren: "It's all legal. All the employees agree to the terms of service in order to use the app."  Dina: "And let's be honest: keeping tabs on the employees is the entire point of the app, am I right?"  Warren: "It of many features."  Dina: "Ah! I like you, Warren. You're shady but in a way that feels legally vetted."  Warren: "Thank you."  Dina: "You're welcome."

2.  Dina: "We preyed upon your desperation and it worked like a charm."  Justine: "It was you guys the whole time?"  Garrett: "Yes, it was us the whole...two hours ago."

3.  Jonah: "Here's an idea: maybe if you're gonna have cold feet about the future of your relationship, you tell the guy who's got your two-year-old drooling on his chest. He's my little man by the way, and I love him to death, but maybe, maybe you just give him just an indication you know that you're gonna... you're gonna pull the rug out. Because... because let me tell you something, he's very comfortable on that rug. Lot of...lot of plans hinging on that rug staying right where it is. Yeah, 'we've moved on'. She's moved on! She's living in California in what I imagine is an infinity pool while I am stuck here working at her store, living in her house, dealing with her neighbour's tree that's past the property line. You deal with it, Amy. It's your f***ing problem!"

The Unicorn - Folie-lex
1.  Natalie: "So you're trying to ask us if you can have a sleepover?"  Grace: "I don't know, Wade. Obviously not on a school night."  Natalie: "Is it okay with Shannon's parents?"  Grace: "Did you finish all your homework?"  Wade: "Okay...I don't sound like that."

2.  Wade: "Well, maybe they won't even notice what you're wearing."  Shannon: "Oh my God! They're teenage girls, Wade. You live with teenage girls!"

3.  Ben: "I told you he was hitting on you!"  Michelle: "Okay, you were wrong to say what you said. You just happened to be right. So you're sorry. I accept your apology."  Ben: "Oh no! Come here. Come here! You come sit down right next to your husband, because from now on, I get to keep being right about things."


WandaVision - 
1.  Jimmy Woo:  “So you're saying the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers?”  (popcultureguy)

2.  Hayward: "World's not the same as you left it. Space is now full of unexpected threats."  Monica: "Always was full of threats. And allies."  (Folie-lex)

3.  Darcy: "We got the full clown car. It means whatever the threat is, SWORD clearly has no idea what they're dealing with."  (Folie-lex)

4.  Vision: "We don't have to stay here. We can go wherever we want."  Wanda: "No, we can't. This is our home."  Vision: "Are you sure?"  Wanda: "Oh, don't worry, darling. I have everything under control."  (Folie-lex)

What Else We’re Watching

Magnum, PI (3.05) - Folie-lex
1.  Ethan: "I feel like there's...uh, tension between us. I get the sense you don't like me."  Magnum: "What are you talking about? We're out here stealing gad in the middle of a hurricane. How can I not like you?"  Ethan: "Come on, man. Level with me."  Magnum: "I don't have any issues with you. Higgy and I, we work really closely together, I gotta share her with somebody else. That's...I don't know, it's new for me. I know it's kinda selfish,'s the truth. And I just got to get used to the idea that I'm gonna have to share her with somebody. And it's a little hard, I'm not gonna lie."  Ethan: "I get it. And for what it's worth, what you guys have, as far as I'm concerned, that came first. You're a team. A good one from what I hear, and I wouldn't want to do anything to get in the way of that."  Magnum: "Appreciate it."

2.  Magnum: "You know, I actually think Ethan's...he's a good man."  Higgins: "I appreciate you saying that. Means a lot. And...I'm glad you're being so supportive of our relationship, because...well I think it might turn into something really serious, and...I'd like you guys to be friends."  Magnum: "Of course. Me too.”

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