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Legacies - This is What It Takes - Review

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This week on Legacies, Josie takes a tour of Mystic Falls High and seems more interested in her tour guide. Alaric suggests Hope use the therapy box to help her find a way to bring Landon back, which takes us to an 80’s slasher-type situation where everyone gets killed. The Sherrif has bailed on Alaric (good for her). Lizzie and MG talk. He and Alyssa are over. Hope is ready to let Landon go. Landon is wandering around somewhere. 

Trauma box: Can we burn that thing, please? If that’s a therapy box, I’m the queen of England. Please explain to me what’s therapeutic about watching all your friends die horrible deaths just to get a point across? Please hire an actual therapist! Pretty sure the one from Riverdale is still available; she knew what she was talking about. And why, out of all of Hope’s issues, did it decide to focus on bringing back her boyfriend? Oh right, cause it’s convenient for the storyline, my bad. 
Did I miss part of the episode? Did anyone else feel like they did the time jump too quickly? I just feel like we missed some important conversations. I get that they didn’t want to rehash the part where everyone remembers Hope. But when it comes to how Landon actually “died”, there was barely any conversation. It was all immediately about bringing him back, but bringing him back from where? Are we all just going to ignore he turned into a puddle of mud right after having sex with Hope? Is everyone also going to ignore what Hope must feel after that? 

Speaking of ignoring: Ah yes, my weekly column where I plead for Hope to get a storyline that does not revolve around Landon. I really hate to repeat myself, but I feel like if I don’t mention it, they win. I do feel like the writers were extra cruel this week. We actually had Hope be ready to move on, to let him go. I got a glimpse of a Hope Mikaelson with a storyline of her own… only for it to be snatched away five seconds later. And judging by the trailer for the next episode… it doesn’t seem like there will be any improvement soon. Do you know that this is the first episode this season where Hope and Josie have interacted? We’re five episodes in and two main characters have not interacted until now. This isn’t even about ships anymore. Hope Mikaelson, the lead of the show, my favorite character, who was a perfect mix of Klaus and Hayley, has been reduced to a prop. I’m so tired… 

Equal footing: Something I did like in this episode (thought it’d be nice for a change) is how visible the growth in Lizzie and Josie’s relationship is. They’ve both come such a long way, they used to be total opposites but have grown closer to one another. Lizzie has learned to listen more and Josie has learned to stand up for what she wants. At this point, the twins are one of the best parts of the show. It’s going to be weird having them at different schools but maybe it’ll be good for them. This way they can both be their own person, they’ll have to figure it out themselves instead of being able to fall back on each other. 
This doesn’t count: How convenient that Maya has decided to leave town during this time jump. You wait to tell us she was into Josie until after she’s gone? You do know this doesn’t count as queer rep, right Julie? And while Ethan may have mentioned a crush on Josie, I know there was definitely a crush on Hope as well. I feel robbed. What is it with this show making the most interesting character leave before we even get a chance to fully get to know them? 

Best quotes: Hope: “Okay, can I kick your ass now?” 
Hope: “I think this game is stupid.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again in three weeks for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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