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Legacies - Salvatore: The Musical! - Review

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This week on Legacies, there was singing and dancing. Hope got angry at Landon for including her dad in the musical. And then suddenly she wasn’t. Lizzie got a not from Caroline. Josie stole the show, then broke her arm. MG spent the whole episode trying to figure out what the monster was, except the monster (guidance counselor, of course) kept making him forget. Then he got lured into a trap by Alyssa. Alaric… Honestly, does anyone really care what he did? 

Confidence boost: I wanted to start this review with something positive because it’s gonna be all downhill from here. I really love how Lizzie has grown from a character that I sort of disliked to one of my absolute favorites. I’m not sure what’s been going on with her lately but her confidence seemed to have taken a real hit. I love that Caroline sent her a letter to help her out (even though she really could’ve just called). I hate that we see so little of their relationship. I know that Candice didn’t want to be a part of the show, I get that. But at this point, the longer she’s gone, the weirder it gets. Would Caroline Forbes really miss a musical both her kids are in? I get that she’s looking for a way around the Merge, but there comes a point where that excuse no longer works. And it was several episodes ago. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to resolve this. They can’t kill her off as they did with Hope’s parents, though I fear that at one point they might. They really wrote themselves into a corner with this one. Regardless, I’m glad that Lizzie got her confidence back and I’m especially glad that she got to hear (or read in this case) that she’s not broken. 
Dear lord, why?! I’ve made it no secret that I hate musicals. I knew I’d dislike this one the minute I heard about it. So I’m going to try to look at it from a critical point of view. The structure of the musical confused me. One minute they were on the events of season 1 of TVD, the next on season 6, and then it was season 8. They sort of skipped over the best part of the show. As for the casting, I love Kaleb, and Jed is really growing on me but there was no chemistry with Josie. I actually found it weird that they went for that trio. What I wouldn’t have given for Penelope as Damon and Jade as Stefan. I saw someone mention this online and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. And where exactly was Bonnie? I can’t believe Julie Plec managed to find a way to screw over her character even after the show ended. The actual musical wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The songs weren’t great but I pictured worse. The set design was pretty good, actually. 

Enough is enough: Alright, Handon fans, time to look away. I’ve reached the peak of my frustrations. Let’s start with this episode and work our way back. Neither seemed sure of what their relationship status was at the beginning of the episode. They had a fight but didn’t officially break up. I guess they were in that in-between stage. But then Landon deliberately ignored Hope’s wishes to not have her family in the musical. She said it several times, and he still did it anyway. He even used a personal letter that her dad wrote her and turned it into a song for Damon & Elena. And somehow, Hope was the one who ended up apologizing to him. I actually rewatched the scene, he didn’t apologize for anything. And it doesn’t matter that she came around after the fact. He shouldn’t have done it in the first place. But what bothers me, even more, is that lately Hope’s personality and storyline have become so wrapped up in Landon, it’s hard to see Hope Mikaelson anymore. What happened to the snappy, self-sufficient Hope from season 1? I need Hope and Landon to take a serious break from each other. They both need storylines of their own, with actual character development. And Hope needs to deal with the loss of her parents (and the guilt that comes with it) in a non-musical way. 

While I’m on a roll: While I’m on the subject of the Mikaelson family. There’s something I don’t quite understand. Why is it that the whole school sees Klaus as a big bad villain? Sure, we know he used the be a villain, but not one of those students (except Hope) ever met him. Are they basing this off old Stefan journals (pretty sure those got burned, though)? He literally paid for the school, yet no one seems to know this. Someone said that his actions shouldn’t have just been forgiven. But the only one at that school that Klaus actually screwed over was Alaric. Caroline forgave him years ago. I can’t quite remember if this was discussed in the backdoor pilot (haven’t gotten to that point in my rewatch yet). But does no one consider the emotional consequences of what it’s like for Hope to go to and live at a school where everyone keeps calling her dad evil, especially when she’s still not over his death? 
Another one bites the dust: At which point is Josie going to get a love interest that doesn’t bail on her? The crush on Rafael went nowhere, Penelope left (still bitter, please come back), Landon ditched her for Hope, Jade is leaving and it looks like whatever was between her and Hope will just remain queer baiting. Jade literally just got here. I get why she wants to leave. I’d want to get the hell away from Alaric as well. But it really sucks because I liked the idea of them together. Also, the age thing? Really, since when has that ever been a problem? I just want Josie to get some happiness in her life. Time for Penelope to return… 

Best quotes: Hope: “Well, he walked away because he thinks I can’t handle him being human.” Landon: “Because you can’t, and I didn’t walk away.” Hope: “Your feet physically moved in a direction away from me.” 
Landon: “Because I think the show is about never giving up on love, no matter what.” Josie: “You don’t believe that, though, because you gave up on Hope, like, twice.” 
Lizzie: “Welcome to hell.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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