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Kenan - Episode 1.02 - Hard News - Promotional Photos + Synopsis

Kenan, Rick and Gary take extreme measures to uncover a dark secret they suspect Cori is hiding; Mika wants to see the morning show provide coverage of more hard news stories.

Promotional Photos
NUP_192691_2944.th.jpg NUP_192691_2884.th.jpg NUP_192691_2077.th.jpg NUP_192691_2015.th.jpg NUP_192691_1721.th.jpg NUP_192691_1696.th.jpg NUP_192691_1651.th.jpg NUP_192691_1428.th.jpg NUP_192691_1352.th.jpg NUP_192691_1324.th.jpg NUP_192691_1306.th.jpg NUP_192691_0724.th.jpg NUP_192657_0857.th.jpg NUP_192691_0550.th.jpg NUP_192691_0370.th.jpg NUP_192691_0447.th.jpg