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Hudson and Rex - Sleeping Beauty - Review

In Sleeping Beauty a party princess is murdered, and her death is as theatrical as her job. But this is no whimsical, light, fluffy episode; it is instead a reminder of how dark fairytales can be.
Written by Sonja Bennett, the women’s voices come through clear, whether it is in their pain or in their hopes for their future, it feels honest, raw at times, but always real.

The timeslot change is starting to make sense. This episode dealt with miscarriage and loss, with the act of self-medicating to get through the day, and with suicidal thoughts.
Through different perspectives, it considered the pressure put on women to live a life a certain way, and all the expected goals that come with it. Through one family we see the darkness that consumes us when that fairytale falls apart, in another we see how women, clouded by grief, often view themselves as a failure for not being able to carry a child to term, and how that is so devastating to our mental health. And, through Sarah, we see other options, other paths, for whatever we hope our happy ending will look like.
And no spoilers but next week’s episode truly looks worthy of that 9pm timeslot.

Now, let’s talk Charlie and Sarah.

My notes for this episode are scattered with hand-written “I LOVE THEM!!’s. And speaking of my notes, I managed about half a page of them before I couldn't tear my eyes off the screen to add more. CityTV hasn't dropped the episode for streaming yet, thus the condensed review.
First, let’s discuss something I know we’re all thinking about. In an episode that at one point suggests a suspect and the victim were friends with benefits, we see Charlie dragging himself into the precinct one morning after drinks with Sarah at his home. Now, OBVIOUSLY, I’m not suggesting they suddenly became friends with benefits, but my brain did go to a very fanficcy place. Someone write that scenario. Please.
Whatever happened (yes, I’m aware it was likely very innocent. Don’t ruin my story with your logic), Charlie clearly had a late night. I bet Charlie’s new, big home, has a guest room…
I accept drabbles and 35k epics, of all ratings.

Charlie’s move finally got a mention, but the episode order still seems a bit wrong. The banter this week definitely feels like it should come after Under Pressure, but the comment Sarah makes about the view from Charlie’s house almost makes this episode want to slip in right before Prescription Rex, putting it in between those two episodes in the timeline. Or maybe Sarah just hasn’t lingered near that window to take in the view. She did show up at nighttime in Prescription Rex, and in All in the Litter she was a bit preoccupied by Rex’s high-fives and by helping to prove his innocence to look out the window.

Whenever I visit the home of my platonic best friend I too like to sit on the edge of the couch, an arm slung behind them, or pressed up so hard to them our arms almost merge. EXCEPT NO, I DON’T DO THOSE THINGS, SARAH.
I would also like to point out that while scratching Rex’s head, their hands. Almost. Touched.
And because our emotions weren’t slayed enough already, these two idiots in love had to have a conversation about how the other would make a great mom/dad.

This season is going to end me.


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