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Dickinson - Episode 2.08 - I'm Nobody! Who Are You? - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
Dickinson_Photo_0208018c1e5c5a43c915cc.th.jpg Dickinson_Photo_020802d5a3bf8523f4dc31.th.jpg Dickinson_Photo_020803b56b2b1afc0346f5.th.jpg Dickinson_Photo_0208047c646bbf4343ce81.th.jpg Dickinson_Photo_020805cc9a84b8552d895b.th.jpg Dickinson_Photo_02080689003fef3e08ee07.th.jpg Dickinson_Photo_020807acb8586875b16b85.th.jpg Dickinson_Photo_020808.th.jpg
Press Release
I’m Nobody! Who are you?

When her poem is finally published in Sam’s newspaper, Emily is shocked to discover that she has become invisible to the world.

Premiere Date: February 12, 2021