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Charmed - You can't Touch This - Review: "It's a new Dawn"

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After last week's intense and emotional outing, Charmed officially started its season 03 chapter, and gosh what a banger it was. A fast-paced episode with a good balance between character moments, story progression, and laughs. The episode was written by Geraldine Elizabeth Inoa and Joey Falco, and directed by Bola Ogun.  

The episode picks up 3 months after the events of "Triage" and finds our leading Ladies well adapted to their new situation. The episode's writing supports the new situation well, ticking off all the small questions we as viewers asked over the last week (thank Fudge it wasn't a May to October hiatus). The opening bid with Harry orbing in on the sisters was hilarious though. I've just cackled as Harry awkwardly grinned over the fact that he blasted the Charmed ones through the room. 

We find each Charmed one at a different stage of life. First and foremost, let's start with Mel. She was so on point. Focused and organized and completely back in her teaching ways. Mel loves being a witch, it saved her in her darkest days but as her magical destiny healed her she was once again able to reembrace her teaching days and through that to activism. The introduction of JJ Hawkin's Kevin was the perfect stage for Mel to shine.  Being there in that classroom helping and spreading her knowledge and empowerment was just delightful. Melonie Diaz has this clear sense of who Mel is and the ability to transfer that energy to the screen is what makes me appreciate her so much. Fighting for Kevin and against the ignorance just gave Mel the drive to keep on going even against those in power.  One thing to mention is that Mel and Kevin didn't come closer than 3 feet this episode, keeping my hope of Kevin being magical still alive. 

On the other side of Seattle State University, we had our therapist Maggie Vera. Maybe it isn't appropriate to say it, as a man, but I really could identify with Maggie in this episode. The undermining of women is a far bigger issue than the shaming I experienced as a teen and young adult, but I still remember the sensation of being overlooked and undermined, neglected, and looked down on cause of who you are or how you look. Sarah Jeffery's performance as she experiences the undermining from her professor and her new nemesis, Antonio (Jason Diaz) really hit close to home. The following panic attack was executed perfectly as well. Through a couple of interviews with the showrunners and Sarah herself, it was mentioned a couple of times how the remainder of the season will feature on the year of Me in regards to Maggie and this episode made a step in the right direction. Cause of the magical allergy Maggie detached herself from Jordan and decided to focus on her personal growth and the writers did a great job in handling the story and setting up the stage for future progress and development. 

Meanwhile, Macy was working her sciency magic to get rid of the powers that keep her from her sisters and boyfriend. The frustration building up within Macy was a pleasure to watch. Madeleine, just as the other two actresses, embraced all the quirks of their characters and she lives and breathes Macy's perfectionism. Her inability to solve the "problem" was frustrating Macy just as much as the fact she couldn't do her cute British boyfriend and hug her sisters. The scenes between Macy and Harry were laid quite thick and while I find the Hacy moments to be quite sweet and hot, Madeleine and Rupert do have great chemistry, it was just too much at moments. The show works better when they play the Macy Harry scenes down, like during that dinner in the garden. It felt organic natural. Their love is their safe haven, not their stepping stone. So more of soft Hacy and less we'll go into shock if we can't do it right now, right here. 

Credit Tw @SoyCarlosRubio 
And while the sisters' "personal" drama was brewing center stage, a new mystery was rising with the B-Story. An unknown entity *cough* Abby *cough* forced the sisters to assemble and reawake the Chupaalma. At this stage, I have to give a major shout-out to this week's director Bola Ogun. So many beautiful shots and great scenery as the sisters were shoveling, dragging, and casting ancient spells. An interesting part was though that the Chewpaalma wasn't hindered by the magical allergy. So whatever possessed the sisters is just as ancient as the monster they fought. The writers certainly did a great job in building up the mystery of this season and keep us intrigued about how things will go down further down the line. The vanquishing of the Chewpaalma was another great moment. The sisters using their individual magic to support each other and survive was great. Maggie's new power is really coming in handy and the VfX looked simply amazing. Still, arguing with myself which scene was better, Macy summoning the Monster or the sisters killing the monster?

Other tidbits: 
- Macy using the board in the Command Center to locate herself and her sisters was bloody awesome. 
- After a whole lot of waiting we were treated with another great Chasewood scene. My heart did break a bit when Jordan asked Harry to say Hi to Maggie. Like Bae deserves to be happy. 
- Who do you think is rather magical? Antonio or Kevin? My bet is on both but let's see what the writers have in store for us. 
- Also why do I feel like Maggie will hook up with Antonio? Like just for stress relief? I don't support it, but I could see it happen?
- And what did we witness in that last scene? Was that a rift to a dimension where all these Monsters are trapped?
- And can we talk about what a serve Maggie's curls were, cause I am speechless. 

And that's a wrap on my side. . . Charmed is back next Sunday with guest star Sara Thompson, best known for her role of Josephine in The 100.  What are your thoughts on the Original season 3 opener? Yay or Nay? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Till next week. 

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