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Charmed - Triage - Review: "Full Circle"

In this week's episode, the death of all magic was looming over the heads of the magical episode and the destruction of the sisterhood seemed like the only way to fix it. An episode filled with drama, emotions and laughs was a great closure to the season 2 storyline that was cut short cause of the Covid 19 Pandemic. The episode was written by current showrunners Liz Cruger and Craig Shapiro, directed by PJ Pesce. 

The third episode of season 3 paid dues to the previous two seasons in great ways, highlighting the path the sisters had to cross to get where they are. To save magic from dying the sisters the writers brought back one of the biggest call-backs from season 1, The Source of all Evil. Many fans speculated that the Source would eventually come back but the shots of Abigael's mind-melt in the promo spiked the rumors even higher. The idea of restoring the magical world with the unlimited power of the source was a smart move and the way the writers exploited the Source was just magnificent. 

Due to Abigael's deteriorating condition, the mind-melt didn't work properly and the sisters just had small clues to the location of their Source piece. Once again the sisters had to go on separate paths to discover the location of the Source and while in the Grand Scheme it all worked out nicely the sisters should've gone on this journey together. Find one piece easily and go together look for the rest. Still, the way it all played out was strong and emotional and gave the sisters as individuals mostly great focus but it should've been more about the sisters, excluding the final 5 minutes of the episode. But bit lat on that. 

Credit Tw @HowDoYouBrandon
Mel's journey to retrieve her piece of the Source was the most intriguing one for me. Using Mel's former time-manipulating abilities to get her on this journey with Abigael was just precious. It was a smart move and it involved the return of Celeste, played by the magnificent Kate Burton. Celeste despite being a former Elder proved that she isn't self-absorbed and accepted to help Mel and sacrifice her life so that Mel could travel to 2070 and get her piece of the Source. The path to the future was much easier than anticipated, Celeste's spell was beautiful, but the shock of what Mel encountered there was more than shocking. By Marisol's gravestone, Abigael found Mel's as well dated to the 14th February of 2021 saying Mel will die in the process of restoring the magical world. Despite Abby's push to stay in the future and live out her life, Mel returned to the present time cause she couldn't imagine one of her sisters dying cause of her. 

Maggie and Jordan meanwhile, headed back to Hiltowne, as Maggie's only clue was Kappa. It was a great road down Memory lane and while Maggie was a tidbit ashamed of her past, Jordan thrived to experience Maggie's time as a Kappa Sister. Maggie's path since the sisters were chased out of HIltowne was the roughest one. The experiences she made, the suffering she endured shaped her into a new person. While at the core the same, Maggie matured and grew beyond the things that she loved while being at Kappa. Maggie did feel embarrassed of her Kappa time, she still showed appreciation to that time and how amazeballs all of that is/was to her. But after all, she went through with her sisters her Kappa time now seemed frivolous to her. The scenes with Jordan were entertaining, him being this huge open-minded support plushy just makes him a better and better character. Jordan continuously tried to open up to Maggie but Maggie wasn't ready. She wasn't ready to commit to Jordan in the way he deserves so she started to blabber. Eventually, that blabbering leads Maggie to the location of her Source piece. The mention of the Sister Stars brought Maggie to the conclusion that she kept her Source piece close by herself. 

Credit Tw @HowDoYouBrandon
Macy once again used her mind and its weird way of connecting things to hide her piece of the Source The fandom loves science Macy, I love science Macy and even Harry loves science Macy. Madeleine thrives in these moments and brings Science Macy to life with completely new energy. Eventually, Macy realized that she hid the Source at the physically most distant point from Hiltowne and embarked with Harry on a journey to retrieve it. And now probably comes the only part of the episode I didn't like. In the face of the looming death, Macy and Harry once again opened about their feelings and that is completely okay, I like Hacy, you can call me a Hacy shipper but . . . This continuous notion that Harry's presence and there being saved Macy in any way makes my eyes roll. Like I do believe her opening up to him enriched her life, but it didn't fucking save her. Also, Macy letting her sisters out of this story every time is also a bit damaging. The shot of Macy and Harry dancing in the moonlight was beautiful though and made me almost forget this terrible dialogue I witnessed beforehand.

Eventually, the sisters reunited at the Command Center and used a nifty spell to combine the pieces of the Source. After a little spat, Mel stole the Source and brought it to the chamber, and started the process of revitalizing the magical world. In a bit, Macy and Maggie followed, and the sisters by sticking together the sisters prevailed over the looming destruction of the sisterhood and gave new life to the witch and demonic world, but what is the price they have to pay? After the sisters reunited they couldn't really embrace each other. The three sisters and Harry weren't able to touch each other and had to keep a 6 feet distance. An interesting development for sure, that is bound to shape the structure of the remainder of Season 3. 

While the sisters had to save the world, again, Harry had to face Jimmy once again. The death of all magic destroyed the effects of the potion Jimmy took two episodes ago and Jimmy had enough of being a good person. In a really well-shot scene, the doppelgangers faced each other for one last time, with Jimmy coming out victorious. Do I believe Jimmy is dead? Not really, did I enjoy seeing him as a Florist, you can bet your life on it. Jimmy is really an aspect of season 2 that could've been explored better, yet I do think this wasn't the last we saw him appear, but if it was it was a glorious goodbye. 

While we are on the topic of misused season 2 stories, let's talk about Abby. Abby went through quite the change during this episode as she finally read the letter Jordan got from her sister and mother and broke a little figurine turning her into a scary demon. A couple of weeks ago in an interview, the showrunners who also penned this episode, mention the arrival of a scary monster, and here it comes apparently. The monster is Abby. What I think happened in this final scene is that Abby's mother captured Abby's demon side and that Abby forced them to give it back. I think Abby didn't really want her demon side back, she rather wanted to reconnect with her family.  But after her sister W said she didn't want to anything to do with her, Abby went beserk. I am glad the writers are finally embracing the more villainous side of Abby and the potential face-off with the sisters could be a one to remember. This episode provided two other Abby nods, her mother is alive (*pretends to be shocked gif*) and Abby knows Ruby. The speculation is going hiǵhwire as to who is Abby's sister and while I doubt it's Ruby, I can't wait to find out who it is. 

Other tidbits: 
- Kappa naming a drinking game after Maggie, ICONIC. We stan and we wanna play. 
- PJ Pesce did a marvelous job this week. In one of the most beautiful episodes of Charmed we watched so far, probably on par with Memento Mori, Pesce used every shot so well and exploited the scenery in such a beautiful way. 
- Jimmy the Florist made me laugh so hard such a great idea, kudos to the writers. 
- I will dearly miss Celeste, I hope we maybe see Kate Burton in a time travel episode. 

The episode ended with two strong cliffhangers bound to shape the remainder of season 3. What are your thoughts on Triage, the unofficial season 2 finale? Which Charmed quest did you enjoy the most? And which future season 3 storyline you look forward to the most. Sound off in the comment section below. Till next week. . . 


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