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Bull - Episode 5.08 - Cloak And Beaker - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
bull-season5-episode8f-747x420.th.jpg bull-season5-episode8e-747x420.th.jpg bull-season5-episode8b-747x420.th.jpg bull-season5-episode8c-747x420.th.jpg bull-season5-episode8-747x420.th.jpg bull-season5-episode8d-747x420.th.jpg
Press Release
"Cloak and Beaker"

Bull represents a client in federal court who has been accused of stealing critical disease research from the company he works for, which he claims kept the work hidden so they could make more money selling medication than curing diseases.

Credits: Michael Weatherly (Actor), Freddy Capra (Actor), Geneva Carr (Actor), Jaime Lee Kirchner (Actor), Chris Jackson (Actor), Mackenzie Meehan (Actor)