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All American - How Come - Review

Another week of All American which means another week of secrets and lies for our characters.  Some characters are making progress, but others are taking steps back and repeating old habits.

Laura gets suspicious of Olivia and thinks she may be using again. I was hoping that Laura would find out about Olivia's drinking and get her help. But that would be too easy. I was disappointed when Laura didn't have her blood alcohol level tested. Olivia was so close to telling her mom, and I wish she would have. I think she wants to tell someone, and I hope she confides in someone soon before drinking leads to her doing drugs again. 

Now moving on to the other Baker twin: Jordan. I was so proud of the growth and character development he has had this season, but that went out the window this week. I understand that he's frustrated and doesn't want to lose his QB position to JJ, but lying about a concussion is extremely dangerous and can have long term consequences! And since he got sick and was clearly nauseous, I definitely think he has a concussion. This could also hurt the team because he's not going to be an effective player if he's not healthy. 

The one good thing about this episode was that Asher proved he was ready to play football again, and Coach Montes agreed that he had been punished enough. Asher should consider a career in coaching. I was impressed with the play calls and ideas he had. This is the Asher that I like. It just angers me that the writers created that steroids story line. I still think it was pointless, and all it did was set his character back a whole season and create unnecessary drama. 

I am proud of Spencer for figuring out that Coop is his stuck point. Patience and Spencer are both right in that she always wants a fight and gets involved with things that don't concern her. I know she didn't want Spencer to get hurt, but she didn't listen to Spencer when he warned her not to get involved with Sean and Tyrone. Hopefully, this will help Spencer in therapy and help his arm heal now that he knows who he blames for getting shot.  I was also impressed by how Spencer handled the situation with Chris. He wasn't mad at how Chris feels. He actually understood and backed Chris which allowed Crenshaw to play better. 

Layla continues to impress me this season.  Music and business is clearly her future, and I can't wait to see what she can do with Patience now that Patience is out from under JP.  I think Layla has grown the most out of all the characters, and it makes me sad to know that all of this may fall apart in the next episode or two.

According to the press releases, I think we're finally going to learn what happened this summer, and I am relieved!  These secrets have dragged on way too long, and maybe now we can move on.

What did you think of "How Come"?  Are you ready for the summer secrets to come out?

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