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All American - High Expectations - Review

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The third episode of All American, "High Expectations" featured more secrets, possibly the most awkward date ever, and football games for both Beverly and Crenshaw.  I definitely have some thoughts about the way the season is going so far so be prepared. 

I want to start this review off on a positive note.  Jordan Baker made me so proud this week.  He is really embracing his role as the leader of the Beverly football team.  In my last review I said I think it would good for him to play for someone other than his dad.  So far, so good.  I'm proud of him for standing up and wanting Beverly to be better.  It looks like Coach Montes is proud, too.  I'm excited to see his character growth continue this season.

I'm glad that he talked to his dad before his game, too.  I know Jordan and Billy have had their differences ever since we learned about Billy's affair and going to Crenshaw didn't help, but this phone call shows they still love each other.  And it's another step forward for Jordan.

I also like Layla this season.  I never thought that Jordan and Layla would end up being the characters with the most growth.  But she's different now.  She wants to be a good friend and a good girlfriend.  And I hate that she's being lied to.  Spencer did tell her about his arm, but only after Layla begged him to open up to her.  She's not stupid: she's already noticed Spencer confiding in Olivia more than her.  She's going to figure out that everyone's lying to her eventually.  If Spencer wants to be in a relationship with Layla, then he needs to be all in.  If he can't do that, he needs to be honest with her.

This leads us to the the worst date ever.  It started with good intentions: Simone and Layla wanted to have a surprise double date to try to get Spencer and Jordan to talk to each other again.  Jordan bails once he sees Spencer.  It gets worse because Olivia and Asher are also here, and then Vanessa and JJ show up.  I think it's safe to say Jordan made the right choice by going home.

I'm tired of the lies and the secrets.  I want to know what happened in Vegas.  We learned that Olivia was there and left before Layla saw her.  I want to know why Olivia just won't tell Asher she saw him with Vanessa this summer.  And someone, please, notice that Olivia is drinking again, and get her some help.  It breaks my heart to see her drinking again after all of hard work to turn her life around.

I'm also getting tired of Coop.  Why did she need to tell Spencer all of her theories right before the game?  I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews she needs to watch out for Tyrone's sister.  And she should be careful.  But she should stay out of the gang life.  Preach seems to have all of this under control.  And Coop should definitely leave Spencer out of all of this.

Other Thoughts:

- Is Darnell really leaving?  I love him!  I understand that he needs to take care of his mom, but I've grown so attached to him over the last year.  Plus, Crenshaw is clearly better with him as the QB.  

- I'm glad Layla recommended therapy to Spencer.  I think his arm is definitely related to the shooting.  He said the drums reminded him of the shooting, and Coop coming to him before the game probably made things worse.  

- I cracked up with Coop's opinions of Spencer's outfits when he was getting ready for his date.  We need more scenes like this to lighten up the show a bit.

What did you think about "High Expectations"?  Are you tired of all the secrets?  Leave a comment below!

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