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Site Updates and Changes - 27th January 2021

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Hey All,

For those of you on Desktop you may have noticed some changes we've made over the last few days to the site.

With the excellent help of CJ (it does pain me to thank him!) we've started a task of giving the site/branding a little tweak. It's a good time to be trying this for us based in the UK as we're still in lockdown here.

The biggest change is that we now no longer have a SpoilerTV Banner and I'll explain why.

When we first started the site we covered 5-6 shows and made a couple of posts a day and had a team of 3-4 people. Fast-forward nearly 14 years and we now cover some 600+ shows, have a team of 80 people and we're posting 100's of new/updated articles/news each week. As as result it's getting harder and harder to surface important content to our readers.

The Banner was unfortunately a massive waste of space in terms of useable area in this day and age, so we've decided to retire it.

We have now replaced it with a Trending Articles and Trending Shows area.

The Trending Shows list the most popular shows on the site for the last 24 hr rolling period, whilst the Trending Articles does the same but for articles. Clicking on a Show Name will take you to that shows page, whilst clicking on an Article will load up the article.

The Trending Area recalculates every 30 mins or so.

You will also notice that we've started to replace some of the standard header images that we use. As you know a few months ago we introduced a Dark Theme on the site and old classic Mobile as well as STV+. Over 95% of the users are now using the Dark Theme. As a result we decide that we needed more suitable Dark Headers and Icons etc

We'll slowly being going through these and updating where necessary of the next week or so. We'll also then be looking at refreshing our Social Media Profiles/Accounts Images and Banners etc.

We hope you like these changes and if you have any questions, please don't hestiate in asking below in the comments.
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