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Quote of the Week - Week of January 17th

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.  

Batwoman - 
1. Ryan Wilder: "That suit. It's bigger than me. It's one thing to put it on and it's another thing to wear it."
2. Luke: "If he gets that suit, he becomes the most dangerous person in Gotham. You need to outrun him." Ryan: "Outrun him? Look at his car! I don't even have hubcaps!"
3. Tommy/Bruce: "Not to say 'I told you so' to a ... belligerent psychopath... you could've shot her months ago when she was out of the suit." Alice: "When did I say I was going to shoot her? I said I wanted her dead." (Donna Cromeans) 

The Rookie -
1. Lopez: "So what do we got?" Stanton: "Hispanic male. Tortured shot execution style. Probably killed by another gangbanger whose body we'll find in an alley next week. Classic case of "No Victims Involved" if you ask me." Lopez: "Well I didn't."
2. Evelyn: "I need directions downtown." Nolan: "Well didn't Henry download that driving app on your phone?" Evelyn: "Yes but it has a very weird robot voice." Nolan: "And I've got impatient son voice. Use the driving app, Mom. Bye. I'm sorry... that's..." Harper: "That's alright. Look when I first joined my mom used to call all the time during shifts. But eventually I just realized that that was her way of making sure I was okay." Nolan: "That's very nice. This is not that."
3. Tim: "I've been making excuses for pricks like Stanton my entire life. Figured there was no changing them so I'd let it go. I gave them a pass...-" Jackson: "It wasn't a pass. You gave them permission. Silence is complicity, sir." Tim: "Yeah. I get that now. But Sarge is right. Benching Stanton is the only recourse he has." Jackson: "It's not good enough." (Folie-lex)

Servant -
1. Dorothy: "People don't give space suit costumes for a baptism." Julian: "And what do they give? A silver pendant with a little dying man on it? Yeah, I'm the fucking weird one.
2. Julian: "I always wanted to go into space." Natalie: "Okay." Julian: "I mean deep... deep fucking space. You know past the icy planets, out of the Milky Way and beyond, you know? I wanted to reach the end and just bang on the fucking wall. Turns out there might not be a wall. So... I decided not to go." Natalie: "Sweetheart, look at me. I really want to help you. I have tried everything: cognitive, mindfulness, psychodynamic. I mean, I've dropped acid with you..." Julian: "Nothing helps." Natalie: "Because you don't let it. Sweetie, you have to believe in something. No matter how stupid it sounds." (Folie-lex)
WandaVision -

1. Wanda: I’m a twin...I had a brother...his name was Pietro.
2. Gertrude: He was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he.
Wanda: What did you say? (popcultureguy)
3. Dottie: "Phil? Do these earrings make me look fat?" [power goes out] Phil: "Oh, thank God."
4. Vision: "Damn! The phones are down too. I better run. Except, he might have already left for vacation." Wanda: "Where? At a time like this?" Vision: "Well, in fairness, darling, the baby is approximately nine months early." (Folie-lex)
The Watch -
1. Carcer: “The Watch? They’re still nothing back there.” Observer 1: “They are beginning to believe in themselves. This will inspire others to believe…” Observer 2: “And then the mess of human feeling and imagination will rot reality from inside.” Cancer: “That’s what don’t get. You want everything to be only what you can see.” Observer 1: “There must be stability, science.” Carcer: “That’s why you still need me. There is no atom of hope, no molecule of love. I can understand things that you don't, look into a man’s eyes and know what’s behind them.”
2. Jacoasta: “In this palace, I can remember - remember nothing but love. How long can I stay here? Nothing lasts.” Carrot: “Some things do.”
3. Carrot: “The key to controlling the a talking sword called Wayne?” ("This cracked me up, just the way he said it". - Dahne)

What Else We're Watching 


NCIS: Los Angeles - 12.07

1. Callen: “Have you talked to Anna recently?” Arkady: “With COVID and fires, she is very busy. The world would be lost without her.” Callen: “At this point, I think I might be too.” Arkady: “You have become soft, old boy.” Callen: “I have become aware of how much I miss her when she’s not here. She means a lot to me and I think it’s something you and I need to talk about.” Arkady: “What is there to talk about? You hurt her; I hire someone to kill you.” (Dahne)

Nurses - 1.04

1. Sinead: “Maybe the hardest thing about being a mum is realizing that even though you want to, you can’t protect your kids from everything, including yourself. I’m in recovery. A few years back, I fell off the wagon and lost custody of the kids. I had to claw them back by being bloody perfect, as if that were possible. Now they feel they have to be the same.” (Dahne)
The OC - 2.17
1. Seth: "Mmm... Family time's always best when it's forced."
2. Ryan [hanging up the phone]: "That was Trey." Kirsten: "Your brother?" Ryan: "Yeah. He’s getting out of jail tomorrow. Wants me to pick him up in Chino." Seth: "Well, there’s that family trip you wanted." (Lindsey)

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